11 Best Marketing Sites for Business Marketing and Strategy

By bogotapost June 18, 2019

These marketing sites can help you improve your marketing plan on a daily basis.

Whether you’re an experienced social media marketer or a business owner planning to use social media to drive strategy, you should know the best marketing sites around. The move will help you meet your social media goals, engage with your targeted audience, and enhance your brand exposure.

Here are the top sites for marketing:

1. Facebook

Over two billion people use Facebook each month, making it the biggest social media platform. Over 65 million businesses are using Facebook pages, and over six million advertisers promote their businesses here, making it a safe bet for businesses to create social media presence.

Getting started on Facebook is easy, as nearly all content formats work perfectly on this platform – videos, photos, text, stories, and even live videos.

2. YouTube

With at least 1.9 monthly active users, YouTube is the platform to reach out to your target audience with videos. You can start by creating a channel for your business.

The next step is to upload videos, so your subscribers can view, comment, like, and share. You can also advertise on YouTube and broaden your reach.

3. WhatsApp

Owned by Facebook and with users in over 180 countries, initially, people only used WhatsApp to keep in touch with friends and family. With time, users can now use the app for business purposes.

Specifically, WhatsApp for Business provides tools for business owners to automate, organize, and respond to messages from their customers.

4. Messenger

Initially, Messenger was Facebook’s messaging feature, but from 2011, Facebook has made it an independent application with tons of features. You can now send newsletters, advertise, video call, and create chatbots on Messenger. The rich features give you spectacular ways to connect and engage with customers.

5. WeChat

Other than calling and messaging, you can use WeChat to buy products online and make offline payments. Besides, it can be used to transfer money, book taxis, make reservations, and more.

6. Instagram

Instagram is among the commonly used social networking sites for video and photo sharing. It’s an excellent app for marketing your brand or products through stories, videos, photos, and live videos.

You can create a business profile to provide you with detailed analytics of your posts and profile or even use the best Instagram growth service to increase your reach.

7. Twitter

Twitter is an ideal social media network for real-time news, politics, sports, entertainment, and more. Twitter is popular for its customer service use, with over 80% of social customer support requests taking place on this site.

You can use tons of tools to manage customer service conversations on Twitter.

8. Reddit

Reddit is a platform that allows users to submit images, questions, and links for discussion and voting. There are many subreddits or dedicated forums.

Other than submitting content to Reddit and being active in discussions, you can also advertise and find content ideas on this site.

9. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is where experts network with each other, share content, and build brands. The platform has advertising opportunities where you can boost your content, send personalized ads to followers’ inboxes, and display ads by the site’s side.

10. Pinterest

People go to Pinterest too for inspiration and discovery of new things. With 78% of users admitting that Pinterest content from brands is useful, your brand has the opportunity to shape the users’ purchasing decisions.

You can use these tips to make Pinterest work for your brand.

11. Medium

Medium is a publishing site with a social network element. It’s free to publish and read most articles on Medium. You can use Medium to publish original content and link back to your website for SEO benefits or republish posts from your company blog to extend your reach.

Marketing Sites

One ought to figure out what marketing sites work for your brand and use them regularly for maximum customer engagement and brand exposure.

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