5 Ways To Improve Performance Marketing For Your Business Today

By bogotapost June 7, 2019

Performance marketing can be the backbone to your business getting new customers or a constant flow of customers. Find out how your marketing can be improved.

What is performance marketing? Performance marketing is a fairly comprehensive term, and it refers to online advertising programs and online marketing where a marketing company is paid if a certain action is completed such as a click, a lead, or a sale.

For example, Google offers performance marketing features such as “Google Ads,” where you enter an advertisement, and if the ad is clicked by a user, then you pay the Google Ads program. Here are five ways you may improve your performance based marketing.

1. Stop Trying to Drive Clicks

If you want to waste lots of money, then try to get as many clicks as possible. If you want to make money, then try to drive sales and not clicks. It is far better to have 300 clicks and 20 sales than it is to have 12,000 clicks and 100 sales.

Have you ever wondered why car manufacturers and sellers put the prices of their cars on their clickable ads? No, well neither do most people, but you should ask yourself why. Is it because they wish to inform people about their car prices? No, of course, that is not the reason. Car manufacturers and sellers put prices on their clickable ads to dissuade people from clicking on their ads.

Let’s say you are looking for a car and you have a $7,000 budget. The car seller doesn’t want you clicking on his or her advert if the car seller’s vehicles are priced at $10,000 and upwards. The seller puts prices of its cars on the ad so that Billy/Bonnie-$7000-budget-buyer doesn’t click the ad. Do not be afraid of scaring people away if they are not part of your target audience because they will only cost you unnecessary paid clicks.

2. Be Honest and Lose the Mystery

Whenever you promise people some sort of reward for clicking your ads, or whenever you tease people with something so that they click to discover the secret-mystery-whatever, then you do two things.

Firstly, you scare off most people because these types of advertisements look like spam. Secondly, they attract clicks from the type of braying moron who clicks spam ads!

Tell people that “Have a wheel of delicious cheese delivered to your door” rather than ads that say, “Find out what is so special about our wheels of cheese.”

3. Long-tailed And Low Bids

Affiliate programs lie to you, especially Google Ads. You enter your long-tailed keywords and you enter low bid amounts, and Google wags its finger at you like a nutrient-deficient old hag and says, “Ohh, no, no, your ads will never get clicks” and then two weeks later you check your stats and they have charged you for clicks on those supposedly unwanted-and-unloved keywords and low bid amounts.

Nobody is saying that you should base your entire campaign on PPC and picking long-tailed keywords for which you pay very low bid amounts, but the HVAC marketing agency has proved repeatedly that a varied and adventurous performance marketing campaign has the best long-term impact.

4. Performance Marketing in B2B Marketing

Creating a performance first marketing campaign for the B2B market is difficult if you do not have professional help to guide you through the B2B marketing process. So, one of the best ways to improve your performance marketing today is to hire a marketing company to help you.

In addition, try to solicit help from the companies you actually do business with. For example, if you have just secured a very large contract from a new business customer, ask them how they found you and maybe discuss any cooperative marketing campaigns. These can be highly intensive campaigns with intermingled promotions, or it can be as simple as cross promoting on social media.

For example, if the business you sold to is willing to give up its supplier name (aka, you), then why not post things on your websites and social media accounts about how you just sold a massive stock of products to the other company for a huge discount, so they have some great offers for customers. The buyer could write similar things on its social media accounts and websites. This allows them to promote offers and discounts that look both genuine and important, plus it spreads your name to all of that company’s competitors who are no-doubt watching your customer’s social media accounts.

5. Copy the Big Merchants

As mentioned earlier, big business, the blue-chip companies, the big merchants often have the best adverts because they spend millions on market research and on advertising in general, so it is often a good idea to copy the big merchants.

Find advertisements from big companies that are in direct competition with yourself. Do not just copy the content of their ad because that may be a silly mistake. Still, do not rely on copying just the content: you should also look at the theme, the colors, where it is posted, and what you had to click or search for in order to spawn that advertisement. In what areas are their ads coming up before yours, and can you figure out why? What is enticing about their advertisements?

As mentioned earlier in the article about the car sellers who add prices to their ads, it is a classic example where the obvious is not so obvious. Most people may assume they put the price on their ads because it is what people wish to know, but that is not the case at all. The car sellers put the price of the car on the ad to dissuade people from clicking if they cannot afford the car (ergo, saving the company money on unnecessary clicks).

As an ad poster yourself, you need to look past the obvious and not-so-obvious elements in an ad so that you may better analyze and copy its successful features.

Conclusion – Should You Get Help?

You should always start your performance marketing efforts on your own. At the very least, you should give it a try before you hand over the process to another company. Even if your marketing attempts are failures, at least you will have learned enough so that the marketing company you hire cannot spit a bunch of buzzwords at you filled with vacant promises.

Let us help you launch a campaign that gets results and builds trust over the long term, both from a product placement standpoint and a brand-building standpoint. Our team are here to help if you want to improve your performance marketing efforts.

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