B2B Lead Generation Companies: How to Choose the Best

By bogotapost May 4, 2019

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Lead generation is essential for the growth of your B2B company. But, are your digital marketing strategies attracting the high-quality leads you need for generating business?

Lead generation is a major issue all B2B sales teams face. They struggle to deliver hyper-targeted prospects and engage new customers on multi-channel platforms. Tackling these digital marketing tactics is crucial for landing reliable leads, conversions and revenue.

Are you satisfied with your B2B lead generation numbers? If not, you might want to research a lead generation company to solve complex sales problems for your company.

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What Is a Lead Generation Company?

A lead generation company handles all aspects of prospecting, qualifying leads, collecting contact data, lead tracking, communication, and digital strategy development.

These companies are alternative forms of digital marketing. They’re an innovative way to expand your customer base, increasing sales through target marketing. They also offer tracking and management of your leads.

They give you new ways of reaching your buyers and building trust. Lead generation services know how to capture and hold the interest of your target market. This boosts your productivity and enhances your brand value.

Top lead generation companies change the way businesses grow by giving them the most effective marketing solutions. They keep the lines of communication open between your buyers and your business.

Why You Should Outsource Your Lead Generation

Do you want to know why you should outsource to a lead generation company? Read more here about solid reasons why a B2B lead generation service could get you closer to reaching your business goals.

Improve Time Management

By taking the time spent on calling, emailing and messaging prospects, your sales team can concentrate on closing more deals. The lead generation company does the time-consuming part of attracting targeted leads for your sales team.

Save Money

Outsourcing your B2B lead generation is cost effective because you pay for real results. This saves money and time spent on hiring and training in-house digital marketing staff and managers.

Get Decision-Making Leads

By providing you with sales qualified leads, you get more conversions for your business. Lead generation companies only provide sales-ready leads, making sure they’re ready to convert.

Let Sales Team Close Deals

Instead of spending valuable time searching for prospects, your sales team can use their skills closing deals. The generation service gives them the leads, and your sales reps close the deals.

Your team will also have more time to conduct promotions, sales events and follow up with leads.

Gain Sales Momentum Immediately

Lead generation companies are experts at what they do. They’ll start collecting insightful information about your target audience right away. In the following days, you’ll see new qualified leads to grow your business.

Focus on Your Products and Services

When you don’t have to focus on attracting leads, you can spend your time developing your products and services. This helps keep your loyal customers satisfied. It also gives you time to offer them solutions and adapt your services to their needs.

See Your Contacts’ Data

Top lead generation companies update contact data in real time. This lets you see prospective clients and contact information to strengthen your sales strategies.

With this data, you can strengthen market awareness, conduct customer surveys to enhance your services.

Constantly Evolving

Lead generation services are always evolving. They’re experienced in all the latest digital marketing innovations so they’re ready to try new techniques for lead generation. This gives you the best outcome for your business.

They use cutting-edge digital technologies to find prospects, engage, nurture and motivate them to take action.

What to Look for in a Lead Generation Company

When you choose a lead generation service for your B2B business, make sure they’re willing to go the extra mile for you. Top services help your company grow not only with qualified leads but with brand value.

Look for the following qualities in a lead generations company:

  • Thoroughly examine your value proposition
  • Analyze your market, competitors, strengths, and weaknesses
  • Work with you to develop marketing strategies
  • Develop prospect profiles
  • Use a multi-channel approach to networking, list building, and social media communication
  • Content syndication and promotion
  • Collaborate with an agreed number of prospects monthly
  • Deliver timely leads
  • Qualify all your leads
  • High conversion rates
  • Customer support

What to Ask Lead Generation Companies About Their Services

When researching lead generation companies for your business, you should ask these questions before making your choice.

Are You a Small Lead Generation Company or a Major Account?

Major account companies target upper-level decision makers. The business they deal with sell high-priced products and services. These businesses require complex lead generation.

Small lead generation businesses target shorter sales cycles and less expensive products and services. These make up most of the customers for lead generation services.

Do You Focus on B2C or B2B Leads?

The strategies for attracting leads to B2C and B2B differ. It’s important to choose a company that caters to your business needs. You want to make sure they fit with your company’s vision and company culture.

What Is the Cost of Your Services?

The cost of lead generation services varies greatly. It depends on the size of the company, the type of industry, the reputation and experience of the company and the services they provide.

The price should be based on lead conversions rather than the number of leads you get. Some companies offer different price packages so make sure you explore all the options.

What Types of Services Do You Offer?

Most lead generation companies use similar digital marketing techniques. The difference is in the way they act on them. Find out the marketing approaches they use to ensure they fit in with your company goals.

Here is a list of the services most companies offer:

  • Social media marketing
  • SEO optimization
  • Blog content
  • Website optimization
  • Email marketing
  • Cold calling
  • Pay-per-click
  • Lead nurturing

Top lead generation companies also offer additional services, such as appointment scheduling, event promotions and content creation.

These are just a few of the question to ask lead generation services. You can also ask about how they qualify leads, if they offer a guarantee, and the type of technology they use.

Are You Ready to Grow Your Leads?

Lead generation is a challenge even for the best marketing and sales teams. It’s vital to have a marketing strategy that works for your B2B business. A lead generation company has plans and procedures to do that for you.

Read more information on how to grow your business and revenue.

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