Colombia vaccination certificate: New rules if you’re entering from abroad

From December 14 you’ll need a negative PCR test or a vaccine certificate to enter Colombia.

Vaccination certificates to be required to enter Colombia.
Vaccination certificate to be required to enter Colombia. Photo: Lukas on Unsplash

Colombia’s health minister, Fernando Ruiz Gómez, has just announced that from December 14 anyone entering the country will need to show a negative PCR test and/or a vaccination certificate depending on their status.

Colombia does not have any plans to restrict travel to individual countries. While Omicron has not yet been detected in Colombia, Ruiz Gómez said that he did not think that it was possible to prevent the arrival of new variants. 

Those entering the country will need to complete the Check Mig form on Migración’s site. The ministry says arrivals fall into two categories, essentially those who live in Colombia or are Colombian, and tourists who are visiting.

Group 1: Colombians, foreigners residing in Colombia, and diplomats and their families

This group will need to show proof of vaccination from at least 14 days before the date of travel or a negative PCR test. “We won’t stop any Colombian residents from entering, all of them can enter, and for that to work, if they haven’t been vaccinated they need to show their test,” said the health minister.

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It isn’t clear whether people with an M visa will qualify as residents or fall into the tourist category. As the onus is on airlines to enforce these rules, M visa holders may need to be ready to prove they live in Colombia when travelling. 

Group 2: Foreigners who do not live in Colombia and are visiting for tourism or leisure

This group will need to show either that they are fully vaccinated or that they’ve had at least one dose of the vaccine AND a negative PCR test from the past 72 hours.

A few weeks ago, Colombia introduced rules requiring people to show a vaccination certificate to enter bars, restaurants, and other spaces. This has not been an entirely smooth process. For example, some physical vaccination certificates were not stamped leading to problems with entry. Digital certificates are available from the Mi Vacuna site, but we’ve heard several reports of incorrect information appearing on the certificates.

Many countries now require vaccine certificates

Colombia is not alone in requiring vaccine certificates. In fact, some might argue it is late to the party – various EU countries have required them for some time and the EU has just announced rules for all member states. The United States, Canada, Chile, and various countries in Asia all ask that visitors show a proof of vaccination to enter.


  1. Is sad cuz Colombians are selling test online to people so if they are exposed they can still travel, the government needs to stop this

  2. As Colombian living in the USA. I think a PCR will be enough proof to show when entering, if I am negative means I am not putting anyone in danger. The vaccine mandate that is going on around the world is pure control, socialist and also a plan to make some farmaceutics richer. Is not fair at all what is going on.

  3. Yes it is Euro style fascism. The pretence that it is for the health of the people, which looking at the inequality in health in Latin America, amongst other things, is a joke. In Ecuador they are making the vaccination compulsory for its citizens under the guise of public health, like Austria and how Germany wants to go as well. In England there are adverts every five minutes to “…get your free covid jab.” How they can have the utter gaul to say it’s free… That is the crux of the matter. It’s being paid for, and increasingly so with the 3rd, 4th and so on jabs.

  4. Was hoping to go to Colombia for a bout a month as a tourist. I have had my shots. and a certificate, but since that is not good enough for them I will not be going.

    Ver risky to spend $thousands for a trip then get a false positive within the 72 hours. If you do you are scewed.

    • Your saying if I have two doses of Pfizer and got a booster 7 days ago I won’t be able to enter Colombia in 3 days. Man this is so confusing. How could this be happening I feel like I’m being held hostage from living my life as a free man. Do I need a pcr test to enter Colombia if I had two shot and a 3rd shot 11 days before my trip. The vaccine had a weird effect on my I feel like I have a golf ball inside my skin under my arm pit. What on earth are they injecting us with.


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