Implementing peace: Gender issues lag behind

Kroc Institute reports that 42% of gender commitments in Colombia’s 2016 peace agreement have not yet been started, compared with 27% overall.

Cacerolazos: Reclaim the calles

Out and about in last night’s cacerolazos as spontaneous demonstrations break out across the country.

Can renegade guerrillas reignite a war?

Confused by the recent news stories on conflict in Colombia? Here’s a quick Q & A to get you up to speed….
FARC Peace Agreement Santrich

Reactions to FARC rebels’ return to arms

Reactions to the announcement that former FARC members will return to arms has been swift, both inside and outside Colombia.

Former FARC commanders announce return to arms

In a video released overnight, Iván Márquez released the group’s manifesto and accused the government of failing to keep its promises and failing to protect the lives of citizens.