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By bogotapost September 22, 2014

By Azzam Alkadhi

Welcome to our comprehensive Entertainment and Listings section, where you’ll find absolutely everything you need to know about what’s going on in Bogota, ranging from cultural events and cinema screenings to the best parties in the city.

Check out our Galleries section (p18) for the lowdown on where to get your art fix. My personal recommendation is the Albrecht Dürer exhibition at the Banco de la Republica, with an interesting and informative free guided tour and some stunning prints.

For the best in theatrical performances, waltz on over to page 19. If you’re looking for a bit of humour, Bonita pero Complicada offers a light-hearted look at the life of a downtrodden secretary.

With festivals taking place all the time in Bogota, you’ll be glad to have our guide on page 20, which includes Jazz al Parque, a French Film Festival and a celebration of Oktoberfest. Who says you need to be in Munich to drink German beer and stuff your face with sausages?

Our comprehensive Listings guide will keep you bang up-to-date with everything that’s going on. Check out Las Alegres Ambulancias (September 11) or Estiquia Amaranto (September 22) for some traditional Colombian music- or for some of the best in Latin Rock, the famed Mexican group Zoe will be in town on September 18. Why not have a laugh and mosey on down to Paris Hilton’s DJ Set on September 19? Go on, nobody’s judging you. OK, maybe we are a little.

La Madame Design Fair (September 13) showcases some top independent design from the capital, while Cine Tonala will be screening a shocking and informative behind-the-scenes VICE Documentary (September 24) about the Islamic State. Bizarre and unique are probably the best words to describe 3 Mundos with Crew Peligrosos (September 27), which sees a hip hop and breakdancing crew join forces with the National Symphony Orchestra.

We also have the regular restaurant and film reviews – a whopping five stars for We Are The Best being the highlight.

If you have any suggestions or recommendations, or if we’re missing events you think should be included, don’t be shy, and let us know!

Now go forth and be entertained!
Azzam Alkadhi, Entertainment Editor
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