Festival Estéreo Picnic 2024: Maca & Gero will be there for you

Maca & Gero are firm friends as well as musical maestros and they took time out to talk to us ahead of their appearance at Festival Esteréo Picnic 2024.

Whether it’s dancing around a fountain or hanging out in a coffee shop, hanging out with mates makes life worthwhile. María Camila Clavijo and Geronimo Blain, better known as musical duo Maca & Gero, know all about the importance of friendship, having built a career out of it, with their next show on the main stage at Festival Estéro Picnic 2024.

Maca & Gero ahead of their show at Festival Estéreo Picnic 2024. Photo courtesy of Nestor Pérez
Maca & Gero. Photo by Nestor Pérez

Gero says, “That’s the most special part. Going with friends. That’s something that everyone going to Festival Estéreo Picnic 2024 will remember, that’s where the magic is in this festival.” There’s certainly a fair deal of musical magic in their work.

Musically, this pair use their voices to great effect, intertwining their different tones in a range of duets. Either can lead and this gives them the ability to take different paths when necessary. Their songs are always, however, characterised by a remarkable depth of feeling, whether that’s the hope of a first date or the melancholy of a collapsed relationship.

There’s an ethereal and light sound to much of their music, lending it a dreamlike quality. Maca isn’t sure, laughing as she says “It could be!?” Gero is more expansive, “We do live in our dreams – singing together, making music together, going to huge festivals. Living la vida loca!”

A new album is planned for later this year, but their relentless creative productivity is providing a problem, according to Gero. “We’re trying to close it out. We’re writing songs every week and we love each new song, so we’re trying to finish the album but there’s always a new song coming.” That sounds like one of those good kinds of problems.

The favourite song of Maca & Gero – for now!

I ask about favourites and Maca says she loves what they’re doing at the moment: “Right now it could be Primera Cita because it’s the last song we released.” Gero agrees, saying “I think also my favourite song is Primera Cita. It’s a different song, a new proposal.” It’s beautiful to see a band so proud of moving on and not looking back.

Gero makes it clear that they want to explore new sounds: “We try to refresh our music, and being able to make some music involving different countries in the world such as this special song, it’s Mexican music so we’re excited.” I wonder where might be next, and Maca jumps to say, “Spanish culture!” Gero adds, “American culture. From Argentina as well.”

Maca & Gero are gearing up for Festival Estéreo Picnic 2024

Maca loves the event and is hyped for Festival Estereo Picnic 2024: “It’s our first time. Very excited. It’s a huge festival, we’ve been to the festival in the audience to see artists we admire so it’s awesome to now be an artist at this festival.”

The festival is known for musical diversity, which seems totally on brand for Maca  & Gero, and she agrees wholeheartedly: “The variety of different music, genres, artists. You can go and dress like you want.” There really is something for everyone this year, with the lineup covering a range of styles both local and foreign.

Having both been with friends in the past, they have seen a whole slew of bands and artists. Gero says, “Lately I’ve been listening a lot to Martin Garrix, so I think he would be one of my top.” Maca agrees. It’s interesting that their first choice is someone so removed from their own sound.

TBF, we’d be happy with two mojitos by the sea

For the show at Festival Estéreo Picnic 2024, they know they have to do the main stage justice. Maca is ebullient about their ability to rise to the occasion: “We’re going to have visuals and lights. It’s going to be a new show, nobody’s seen it before and we’re very excited about it.”

I wonder if that means we might hear things from the upcoming album, and she confirms: “It means new songs, yes.” She then teases some guest appearances, “Different musicians in different parts of the show but we can’t say who. You have to go and see it!”

They’re being called away to a radio interview now, so we have to wrap things up with a cheery farewell and smiles all round. Go and see them on Thursday afternoon at Festival Estéreo Picnic 2024, whether you’re with a group or going solo. After all, there are no strangers, just friends you haven’t met yet.

Maca & Gero play at 5.10pm on Thursday March 21 on the main stage at Festival Esteréro Picnic 2024 in Parque Simón Bolívar. Tickets still available here at time of publication.


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