Indigenous Communities At Risk

By bogotapost October 9, 2014
Indigenous People Colombia, Human Rights Colombia

Niñas wayuu. Photo: Mario Carvajal CC BY 2.0

Colombia’s indigenous people are still at high risk from the armed conflict and forced displacement, according to a new report.

The report, conducted by the National Indigenous Organisation of Colombia (ONIC), says the community continually falls victim to human rights violations and breaches of international law.

The list of human rights abuses suffered by indigenous people are said to include death threats, murder attempts, murder, forced displacement, rape and torture.

The village of Nasa, in Cauca, has been one of the most affected by the armed conflict. According to the report, in the first nine months of the year, 800 people were affected in some way.

The most shocking example given in the report is the forced displacement of all 2,819 members of the ‘Embera-dobida’ community in Chocó due to clashes between the ELN and the Black Eagles.

This latest study comes just days after the first World Conference On Indigenous People took place in New York.

By Charlotte Ryan