Invitation Trends You Can Use for Your Wedding

By bogotapost October 31, 2019
Photo by Analise Benevides on Unsplash

After choosing a wedding theme, the next step is creating and sending out the invitations. Invitations are pieces of paper or any material that serves as an announcement and reference for the upcoming event. 

There are many ways to create a stunning theme-based invitation that can captivate just about anyone. Here are some of the hottest wedding invitations trends that brides and grooms may use:

Gold Foil

From invitation text to escort information, the gold foil is a popular choice anywhere in the world. Couples can use this glitzy style to emphasize their names or their wedding date. They can also be adventurous and utilize heavy-patterned gold design.

Aside from gold foil, a considerable number of couples also used the silver foil and copper foil. For a more daring design, couples can choose to mix two metallic foils and let the wedding invitations have a shine.

Hand Painted

Another popular wedding invitation trend is hand-painted card designs. Couples can use either an original illustration or dreamy watercolors to capture the wedding theme. The subtle way of including color to the paper gives off a delicate and romantic feel.

Hand-painted designs can also be added to the invitation suite, reply card, or even the envelope liner. Moreover, couples can use the illustration for signage, wedding menus, and wall decoration for a more cohesive look.

Floral Hoops and Wreaths

Brides who love flowers can go for this design. They can add a modern twist with the use of floral hoops and wreaths. When wrapped around the text, the overall design looks utterly stunning. It is best to use this design in place of the classic borders.


Experts predicted that this design would make it big this year, especially for decorations, cakes, and invitations. This design is perfect for minimalists but can also be used with elaborate designs.

Dark Hues

In the past, light and neutral colors are popular choices amongst couples. But today, they are heading towards the opposite direction with darker hues. So instead of the old ivory tones, be adventurous and go for a darker shade such as black, navy, and burgundy. 

Moreover, this style works exceptionally well with geometric and metallic design. Including all three designs into the stationery can result in a beautiful outcome.

Custom Monograms

This design is a classic that can be used in various ways. Couples can choose to use one, two, or three-letter monogram to represent essential elements. They also have the option to pick a cursive or bold font style, with or without an icon.

Patterned Envelope Liners

To create a stunning wedding invitation, couples can put in extra effort into the envelope design. Though the standard, plain, white envelope can do the job, patterned envelope liners are a huge trend nowadays.

You can use decorative pieces of paper, which complement the card inside or match the wedding theme. This allows guests to get a glimpse of “what-to-expect” as they open it up.

While the wedding venue and theme can undoubtedly influence the design and style of wedding invitations, incorporating trendy and contemporary designs can make that special day memorable.