Major Benefits of Solar Energy in Australia

By bogotapost May 14, 2020
Photo: Unsplash

Indeed, Australia has the best condition in the world for producing solar energy. Research suggests that solar energy is the country’s preferred energy in the future. In Australia, solar energy could produce up to 60% of the country’s energy needs. With the use of solar power, this can dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the country’s reliance on fossil fuels.

Experts provide that solar energy can have minimal health and environmental impact. This is true when compared with fossil fuels. Through the years, the public desire for harnessing solar resources is strong. About 90% of Australians wanted more solar energy. As technology develops, it has been predicted that it will become an increasingly cost-effective energy source. 

Thus, in this article, we will discuss further the major benefits of solar energy in Australia: 

Create Your Energy at Home 

With your solar panels, you will be creating your energy. As such, you will be using less from the grid and save money on your power bills. Furthermore, when your panels create more electricity than what your house requires, the excess electricity will go back to the grid. However, this depends on schemes in different territories. 

Solar panels are one way of protecting your household from the future price increase of electricity produced by traditional sources. 

Furthermore, solar panels can also increase your real estate value and add market value to your home. To know how you can install your solar energy now, check with the Solar Service Group

Minimal Maintenance 

Solar panels require little maintenance. In the past years, some manufacturers advised their buyers to clean the panels every few years to make sure that it will continue producing energy. However, today’s solar panels do not require this level of upkeep. Experts agree that there is no need for high-performance cleaning of the solar panels. This is because the panels can still operate efficiently even if these are dirty. 

Reduce Carbon Footprint 

When you install a solar power unit at your home, you can be able to reduce your carbon footprint. Unlike the traditional sources of electricity, using solar energy is clean, green, and renewable. The use of solar panels will not release any greenhouse gases. This will not pollute the environment. 

The Cost of Using Solar Energy is Low 

The benefits of solar power to Australian homes are countless. This is true when it comes to saving your money. The average residential solar panel unit is relatively cheap. There are indeed an initial start-up and set-up costs of a home solar power unit. However, it is worth looking at the upfront expenditure as an investment. There are various ongoing benefits for homeowners that will make up the initial costs. 

With the current technological strides, the price of the solar modules has dropped by more than 75%. 

Apart from the price drop, the average size of the home solar unit has doubled too. It has increased from 1 to 2 kilowatts (KW) to around 4 to 5 kilowatts (KW). Indeed, you can save big on your electric bill.