Organised crime Colombia’s biggest problem: UN report

By bogotapost March 25, 2015
Colombian Organised Crime

A member of the Urabeños criminal band after his capture by Colombian authorities. Photo: Policia Nacional de Colombia

The annual report from the High Commissioner of the United Nations for Human Rights states that, “The main challenge in relation to public security [in Colombia] continues to be violence from the post-demobilized armed groups who are linked to organised crime.”

The report went on to say that the violence principally affects people living in so-called “disputed” zones, in which these groups vie for control of illicit income from illegal activities including the drug trade, extortion, illegal mining, prostitution and illegal migration.

Todd Howland, the representative for the UN High Commission for Human Rights in Colombia, added that the violence of these criminal groups is evident in several regions in the high rate of murders, threats and displacement of civilians.

According to the National Police, there are currently three main criminal groups in Colombia, composed of some 2,000 members who have no political ideology and are dedicated mainly to drug trafficking.

The report recommends that Colombia’s government  takes action against these groups through social, judicial and police measures.

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By Steven Grattan