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By bogotapost March 6, 2015


Report: Talks save lives

Generals to talk ceasefire with FARC
On Monday this week, the Ministry of Defence announced that five generals from different branches of the military will fly to Havana, Cuba, to meet with the FARC negotiating team to discuss the possibility of a bilateral ceasefire.

New US envoy
The US on February 20 named Bernard ‘Bernie’ Aronson as their special envoy to the Colombian peace process. Aronson, a former assistant secretary of state, has worked in conflict resolution in both El Salvador and Nicaragua.

Peace talks save lives
A report released by Colombia’s Peace and Reconciliation Foundation estimates the peace process prevented 5,000 deaths or injuries last year.

FARC end child recruitment
As part of the peace talks, the FARC have announced that they will stop recruiting children under age 17.

Kofi Annan urges FARC to face justice
Former UN Security General Kofi Annan met with President Juan Manuel Santos on February 23 in Bogota, and gave a speech on the need for a truth commission. On Thursday, Feb. 26, he flew to Havana, Cuba, to urge the FARC to consider facing justice, and if they did not, the ICC “could intervene”.

By Mark Kennedy