Restaurant review: Barbekü

By bogotapost November 19, 2015

Barbekü BogotáA few months ago, Barbekü (meaning ‘grill’ in Turkish) opened its doors in bohemian Usaquén, adding to the area’s collection of extraordinary restaurants.

Living up to the restaurant’s name, meat is the order of the day, with a variety of dishes on the grill. Juicy meat is brought in from Kansas as well as Colombia’s Llanos Orientales, with an emphasis placed on the region’s smokey preparation technique.

There’s a cosy waiting area, surrounded by big trunks of wood and a fireplace, a comfortable setting for a cocktail while-you-wait. Try the house special made with aguardiente, uchuva and basil, an extremely aromatic drink that will set you up for a great meal.

As you make your way to your table you can catch a glimpse of the restaurant’s many different spaces, the most outstanding of which is the wine storage room located on the second floor. It contains over 120 wines from around the world, and the friendly sommelier will always be at your service to suggest the perfect wine to complement your meal. In my case, he chose Othello, a delicious Argentinian malbec to go alongside plenty of red meat.

My first starter was morcilla in breadcrumbs, a delicious take on the Colombian classic. However, unlike the greasy sausages you might find at a traditional barbecue, this one is lean and gutless, with the breadcrumbs adding a crispy touch. That’s not to mention the exquisite pear and cardamom sauce that adds a sweet dash to the flavour.

Barbekü BogotáThis was followed by a second starter of delightful homemade chorizo with tomato jam, made in the restaurant’s own Josper oven.

For your mains, it’s time for red meat! The tasty T-Bone cooked with herb butter and accompanied by fried yuca sticks is a wonderful combination for your palate. If you are looking for juicier meat, the beef cutlet is the one for you.

However, Barbekü’s dish par excellence is the beef entrail. This tender and moist meat is by far the best dish I had, and now takes its place on my list of favourite meats!

And, if for some reason any vegetarians should find themselves at this meat-fest, they can at least enjoy a delicious portobello burger.

Starters range from $10-30,000, while mains come in at between $21-48,000.

Carnivores will be overwhelmingly pleased by the selection of meat on offer, making Barbekü a great choice for a delicious and top quality dinner with fellow meat-lovers.

Calle 120a #6a-16

Food: 4.5/5
Service: 5/5
Atmosphere: 4/5
Value for money: 4/5

By María Alejandra Jaramillo