Santos says: ‘Peace is near’

By bogotapost September 23, 2015
Colombian Peace Process

President Santos travels to Cuba today to seek and end to the peace process

President Juan Manuel Santos will make a stopover in Havana, today, Wednesday, to meet with the negotiators of the Colombian peace process

He tweeted: “I will stop in Havana for a key meeting with negotiators in order to hasten the end of the conflict. Peace is close”

Media and analysts speculate that this afternoon’s announcement from Cuba will feature an agreement on the thorny topic of transitional justice.

A statement from the President’s office says, “This agreement involves justice, truth, reparation and non-repetition. It respects the rights of the victims, which are the reason for the negotiations.”

It argues that there will be no impunity, but argues the need for balance between reconciling the rights of the victims, the demands of the international community and the national community with the desire for peace.

Santos promises, “We will seek the maximum justice to allow us to achieve peace.”