The Best Wedding Dress for Your Flower Girl

By bogotapost October 2, 2019
Photo: Wikimedia

Toronto can be an exciting place to live in. It has a population of almost three million people. One of the best things about Toronto is its multicultural people. Therefore, if you’re planning to visit Toronto, get ready to meet people with different backgrounds and cultures.

Moreover, Toronto is known for its fashion industry. You will be attending a lot of shows by professional fashion designers that are suitable for your next wedding event.

If you are looking for the best wedding dresses, you’re in the right place! There are tons of Toronto flower girl dresses in Canada. You may choose a dress based on your budget, desired color, or motif.

This article aims to give you dress ideas for your flower girls.

Flower girls are usually the youngest members of the family. They are responsible for sprinkling petals down the aisle. According to Ancient Rome, flower girls tend to bless the groom and bride with prosperity and fertility. Nowadays, a flower girl is a young version of the bride. She symbolizes beauty, innocence, or for some culture, good luck.

In this article, you will learn about the proper way of choosing the right dress for your flower girl. Whether your flower girl is your cousin, sister, or family friend, she must wear the perfect clothing to make her feel confident throughout your big day. Choosing the best dress can be overwhelming, especially for kids. Continue reading this article so you can end up with a cute and comfortable dress for your flower girl.

How to Choose the Best Flower Girl Dress?

  • Choose your motif color and style

When it comes to your flower girl’s dress, make sure to match it with the bride’s gown. There are no rules in fashion but you must ensure that it’s accurate with your motif and color. Moreover, you may also check if it has a hue that’s similar to your bridesmaid’s dress. Most wedding color tones are not hard to coordinate with other colors. Therefore, you will not have a hard time with this first factor.

  • Consider your wedding season

Kids hate thick fabrics during the summer season and thin materials during the cold season. Make sure that your flower girl doesn’t feel too hot or too cold throughout your wedding day. Long sleeves and long dresses are perfect for winter season while sleeveless dresses and cocktails are perfect for the summer season.

  • Think of her growth

When thinking about a flower girl’s dress, you don’t have to find a perfect fit. However, you should not choose an oversized dress, too. Make sure that the dress has the right amount of allowance since kids grow quickly. Make sure that her dress is not too restrictive. Going one size up is enough for her dress size.

  • Please take note of her age

According to fashion designers, young flower girls are more comfortable with knee-length dresses. This dress will not drag her to the ground or create a tripping hazard. However, some couples prefer long dresses for their flower girl since it looks more elegant and formal. These dresses are perfect for 10-year-old girls and above.

  • Think about your budget

No matter how gorgeous a dress is, it would help if you stay strict with your budget. Tons of Toronto flower girl dresses are budget-friendly. Before settling on your flower girl’s dress, always check if it fits perfectly with your budget. 


Picking the perfect dress for your flower girl is an exciting part of wedding planning. However, it would help if you do not forget the pieces of advice that the article just stated above. This information will serve as your guidelines to ensure that your flower girl appreciates her outfit on your wedding day.