What Is So Amazing About Vampire Anime?

By bogotapost April 16, 2020
Photo: Pixabay

Vampires are among the classic ingredients of anime. It has become a global phenomenon, even though it originated from European folklore. Whenever they can, anime artists like to add vampire characters, whether as a support or the main character of a TV series or movie. A vampire could be a powerful fighter, blood-sucking monster, or a pretty girl fighting her way around. In general, vampire anime is an addicting story. There are many reasons why Japan and the rest of the world have a soft spot for these dark anime characters. 

It Is Full-Packed With Action

The plot of anime with vampires comes with plenty of action scenes that run smoothly in the story. The action always justifies the plot of the anime. The battles and duels are enough to keep you enchanted and preoccupied the entire time. Also, anime has no limitations, so the characters can do things that are not possible in live-action. For this reason, the fighting scenes in anime are more heart-pounding and jaw-dropping. 

Meet Interesting and Unique Characters

Anime is home to a wide variety of characters, including vampires. The fantastical setting is one of the great things about anime. The vampires will meet other omnipotent beings such as pirates, ghosts, demons, ninjas, aliens; the list of characters is unending. The anime characters can easily win your heart with their ability to deal with opposing threats and with each other. 

Rich in Mature and Thought-Provoking Messages

One mistake about vampire anime is that the majority of its viewers are children. While many anime stories are meant for kids, it does not mean that mature viewer will not enjoy it. A lot of anime, especially vampire stories, focus on war, death, morality, acceptance, and life, which can leave you in a pensive mood. Often, this vampire animation is not for the faint of heart. So, be ready when watching these grim tales. 

Showcase Strong Female Characters

Most anime depict strong female characters, instead of portraying them as damsels in distress. Anime can be realistic, even with vampires in them. So, the women in the story are as badass as the men on the screen. Vampire or human, the women battles against the male characters and beat them at times. There are a plethora of beautiful, powerful and kickass women in anime because they believe in women empowerment. 

The Soundtracks Are Spectacular

Despite the dark plot of anime with vampires in it, the makers do not neglect to create amazing soundtracks. If you like a specific vampire anime, it is not surprising that you know its songs and can sing them word for word. While the music is usually catchy, it can also capture the essence and mood of the anime, which is appealing enough to make you listen to it as often as you like.

Vampire Anime Is Exciting and Entertaining

Creating anime is the same as making other motion pictures. It means that it is created for the amusement and entertainment of the audience. While not all people will agree to it, people should give anime a chance to capture their hearts. If you have not watched any anime, you are missing out a lot. It is never too late to start a hobby, so why not check out this industry to find out why it is thriving so much.