What’s hot in the art world

By bogotapost March 18, 2015

Subjective Atlas of Colombia
Bringing together paintings, works and prints from 46 artists, which use only the three colours of the Colombian flag, this show gives an alternative view on the country, making critical yet sensitive comments on the social and natural contrasts that exist within the country. Highlighting cultural and social issues, each artist brings their own style and personality to the show, which hopes to represent viewpoints from across the country’s cultural spectrum.
Camara de Comercio Salitre, Calle 26 #68d-35
From February 12

Chanoir: El Colgado
The famed Franco-Colombian graffiti artist, who was an integral part of the golden era of street art in Barcelona in the early 2000’s, puts on a retrospective that follows his path from plastics artist and sculptor to video and graffiti artist. His black cat has been displayed on streets across the world and is the hallmark of this internationally-renowned urban artist.
MAC, Carrera 74 #82a-81
Until March 14

Evidencias de los Hechos
With a selection of recent artwork from around Latin America, using a variety of styles and formats, this exhibition offers fascinating views of the history of the American continent and the facts that have shaped our collective memory. Using recent photos, maps from the 16th century, anecdotes and pictures of places that have had an impact on history, we are invited to question what we have been taught and the information we find in the media.
Museo del Banco de la República, Calle 11 #4-41
Until March 30

Diego Mazuera: El Imaginante
With his abstract style, Mazuera’s paintings transport us to impossible worlds and alternate realities, dealing with politics and social issues using his unique technique.
MAMBO, Calle 24 #6-00
Until March 31

Gabriel Silva: Ensayos Sobre Jardinería y Pintura
In his large-scale paintings, Bogotano artist Gabriel Silva juxtaposes images of celestial bodies, constellations and asteroids with diminutive gardens to create surreal and almost apocalyptic images.
Espacio Odeon, Carrera 5 #12c-73
Until April 11

Marcel Odenbach: Stille Bewegungen
A selection of 14 pieces which offer a panorama of the artist’s work and cast an analytical and emotional eye on human beings in a globalised world. Odenbach works with video installations.
Museo del Banco de la República, Calle 11 #4-41
Until April 27