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By bogotapost June 29, 2015
Movimiento Armonico Simple, Espacio Odeon

Exhibition depicting the Monument to the Flags. Photo: Espacio Odeon

Movimiento Armonico Simple
The Colectivo Maski presents an exhibition centred on the Monument to the Flags, built in southwest Bogota in the 40s as an optimistic commemoration of pan-American integration. More than 60 years later, the flags no longer fly and the airport that probably justified the exhibition’s location has been replaced. These obsolete monuments now stand abandoned, a poignant reminder of stumbling modernity.
Espacio Odeon, Carrera 5 #12c-73. Until June 27.

Autorretrato disfrazado de artista
A project looking at Colombian photography from the 1960s and 1970s. Around 20 pieces make up this exhibition, which focuses on conceptual photography.
BLAA, Calle 11 #4-41. Until June 29.

Sergio Zapata: La lampara de Diogenes
A collection of pieces related to Greek mythology, examining the symbolism with a touch of irony and ambivalence.
BAC, Carrera 7 #57-53. Until July 4.

Thierry Forte: La mirada del silencio
In just over 20 years, Forte has produced 32 documentaries, 25 feature length films and been awarded prizes at Cannes, Toronto, San Sebastian, Venice, Sundance and a number of other festivals. He has worked with the likes of Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Gael Garcia Bernal and Jean Rochefort. Here, he shares his reflections on the world through a selection of photographs.
MAC, Carrera 74 #82a-81. Until July 11.

Bogotá, Belleza y Horror
Sixty artists share their perceptions on the beauty and horror that exist in the capital, giving a creative edge to discussions on Bogota. The pieces range from paintings and sculptures, to installations, videos, photos, murals and performance art. Including work from Liliana Abaunza, Karl Troller, Franklin Aguirre and William Aparicio.
MamBo, Calle 24 #6-00. Until July 12.

Catherine Poncin: archives d’un present
With a sensitive look at Colombia’s conflict and its victims, Poncin presents images of disappeared Colombians, forcing the viewer out of the anaesthesia that so often clouds our view of the conflict..
Alianza Francesa Chico, Carrera 11 #93-40. Until July 16.

Mateo Cohen: Volviendo a mirar
Mixing paintings with installation art, Cohen brings his latest artistic project to town.
Salon Comunal, Carrera 3a #63-36.

Natalia Castañeda: Espera me amarro el zapato
To christen Galeria Nueveochenta’s new location, Castañeda presents a reflection on imagery and time, with a series of small paintings reflect on how objects are reflected.
Nueveochenta Arte Contemporaneo, Diagonal 68 #12-42. Until August 1.

Hernán Díaz – Revelado: Retratos, Sesiones y Hojas de Contactos
A selection of 76 photos which cover many of the situations and themes that have come to define Díaz’s work. With the inclusion of many contact sheets that are being displayed for the first time, the exhibition offers a fascinating insight into the artist’s creative process.
BLAA, Calle 11 #4-41. Until February 2016.