World record for biggest prawn cocktail

By bogotapost July 29, 2015

Biggest prawn cocktailColombia has made it into the record books, producing the world’s biggest prawn cocktail in Cartagena on July 20.

It was prepared by professional chefs and trainees from Cartagena’s SENA institute, according to reports.

The monster dish, which weighed 1,320kg, smashed previous Guinness World Record holder Mexico, whose prawn cocktail weighed a mere 1,160kg.

Around 100kg of garlic, 300kg of onions, 150kg of lemons, 550kg of tomato ketchup and just over 1,000kg of prawns went into the cocktail, and it was made in a two-tonne glass cup.

“We wanted to put Cartagena on the map for its excellent cuisine,” chief organiser Arnold Venera was quoted in the Colombian media as saying.

The cocktail didn’t go to waste; it was given out to tourists and the chefs after Guinness officials confirmed the giant seafood dish was in fact the biggest ever made.

By Charlotte Mackenzie