3D printing non-profit e-NABLE to host its Medellín launch event

By Conrad Egusa July 30, 2019

e-NABLE, which provides free 3D printed prosthetics to people in need in Colombia, is hosting its Medellín launch event this evening at 7pm in Espacio Media Incubator.

The organization, founded in 2017, is a non-profit that provides free, 3D printed, personalized prosthetic limbs to children and adults in need.

Colombia is one of the most landmine-affected countries in the world, with over 11,400 victims, including 1,124 children. The signing of a peace agreement allowed more mine clearing efforts to be undertaken, but many remain affected.

e-NABLE provides prosthetic limbs to land mine victims at no cost, with the aim of boosting individuals’ confidence and helping them reintegrate into wider society.

In addition to supporting victims of the armed conflict and other amputees, e-NABLE also gives a helping hand to economically disadvantaged people who were born in need of an assistive device. The organization’s aim is to help over 50 disabled children and adults in 2020.

Dr. Alexander García Castro, the health secretary for Girardota, expressed his admiration for e-NABLE’s work and the new bionic arm that uses electrical signals from muscles to operate.

“e-NABLE Medellín not only helps the victims to return to their normal lives and regain their independence, but it also boosts their self-esteem and helps them to reintegrate back into society,” the health official said.

e-NABLE’s launch will be held this evening at Espacio Media Incubator, Cr. 37A # 8- 43, ofi. 703 Edificio Rose Street, Medellín.