5 of the Best Mobile Apps for Managing Your Business on the Go

By bogotapost April 24, 2019

5 of the Best on the Go Apps for Businesses in 2019

There are many tools to choose to keep your business running at top notch speed. Discover here five of the best on the go apps for businesses in 2019.

Do you run your business while you’re on the go?

A growing number of businesses are operating without bricks and mortar office at all. Nowadays, it’s totally normal to hire remote workers and digital nomads.

You can do everything for your business from website design to meeting with clients remotely. This can be done from anywhere from an island in South East Asia to the small continental city in Europe.

Many of these businesses are supported by on the go apps which allow you to keep your business running from anywhere. Let’s check out the best mobile apps for managing your business. 

1. Slack

It’s important to keep in touch with your team throughout the week. You may just need to send over a document or pass on an update.

You can run all of your communication via Slack. This can help your team to stay productive 24/7 without any challenges. 

Slack is also a great way to build networks with other startups and collaborators while you’re on the go. 

2. MailChimp

While you may want to stay in touch with co-workers via Slack, email remains the most important way to manage your clients.

The MailChimp app allows you to manage your subscribers and mailing list all in the same place on your device. 

You can also synchronize the rest of your online marketing efforts through Hubspot MailChimp to keep everything organized and together. 

3. Basecamp

Do you have multiple projects running simultaneously? This can be a nightmare to manage while you’re on the go. But, with Basecamp everything is made simple and efficient.

You can overview all the projects on the platform. You can also collaborate with other professionals via the app. 


IFTTT stands for “If This Then That.”

Do you wake up every morning to your social media buzzing with retweets, messages, and shares?

The IFTTT app allows you to manage all your social media accounts in one place. This saves time and effort with a simple solution.

When you tweet, you can set it to post the same message across your LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram account at the same time. 

5. TinyScan

We’re always talking about going paperless, but it’s never absolute. We continue to take advantage of the paper when doing business. But, there are also many apps which can help you to manage your paper documents via your smartphone.

For example, TinyScan allows you to scan documents and store them on your cell phone. Now you can store them in Dropbox or Google Drive on your phone and share them with relevant colleagues or clients via email. 

On the Go Apps

Running your business remotely has never been easier than it is today. With these on the go apps, you do everything from anywhere in the world.  Are you running your business on the go from Colombia? Check out this blog post on how you can pay for stuff in your own currency here. 

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