Marco Aguirre, one of Medellín's homeless, in a face mask

Medellín’s homeless population at increased risk due to coronavirus

They’ve already been through trauma. Now COVID-19 is a ticking time bomb for Medellín’s most vulnerable

Sexual harassment on campus: Silent no more

Feminist collective Destapa la Olla organise topless demonstration to call attention to sexual assault on campus and give voice to victims' experiences.
Colombia Local Elections 2019

A forecast of Colombia’s upcoming local elections

Candidates for the position of Mayor of Medellín: Víctor Correa, Jesús Ramirez and Daniel Quintero (left-right). Image courtesy of Víctor Correa.

Founders of iconic Carmen Restaurant introduce Medellin steakhouse Don Diablo

For those still lamenting the lack of a superior steakhouse in Medellin, the recently opened Don Diablo...

Jaime Garzón: The day the laughter stopped

Jaime Garzón was assassinated on the streets of Bogotá 20 years ago today. Here we remember Colombia’s best-loved – and deeply missed – comedian.

The Great Hack: Who pays the

Netflix documentary The Great Hack has put the spotlight on data mining and social media manipulation in Colombia.
The Simon Bolivar Statue in Bogota

Colombia’s courts are in crisis

What the JEP is going on? Wednesday’s resignation of Nestor Humberto Martínez, Colombia’s Attorney General, took the...
Social leader killings

All part of a plan? Study throws light on social leader...

"The killing of civilian leaders is a tradition here. Something which in other countries would be considered a huge scandal is somehow normalised in Colombia," says the CCJ's Camilo Bonilla, co-ordinator of a ground breaking report into activist deaths.

Easier said than done – regional cooperation in Latin America’s new...

By Sergio Guzmán and Patricio Provitina The newly elected presidents...
Abortion Colombia Women

Abortion: Will Colombia see any changes under a new President?

Despite the polarising rhetoric in this presidential candidate, the presidential candidates have a similar, if not the same, position on the divisive topic of...