Bogotá Nights: Lent

By Oli Pritchard February 18, 2021
In the UK, pancake day marks the beginning of Lent. Photo by Todd Cravens on Unsplash

Lent is a period to think about what you may want to give up. Brendan and Oli from the Bogotá Post have a look at their lives.

Coming from a non-religious background, lent was never a big thing in my life. So when my colleague Brendan Corrigan suggested doing a radio show (9 pm tonight on facebook) on the subject, I was naturally intrigued. Of course, I had a vague idea, 40 days of being sort-of vegan and all that, but I didn’t really get why.

Thinking about it more, though, it seems like an idea I can get on board with – making sacrifices for a moral point. Right up my street. I’ve been trying to be more vegetarian over the past 18 months or so, pushing ahead with that will be easy enough. I’ve also recently stopped buying shop bread and gone back to baking my own.

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But what should I add to that list? What more can I give up, and could it be something that I genuinely enjoy? It’s hard to think, and I welcome suggestions. We’re also dying to hear your suggestions for things we could give up, or to hear what you’ve given up or are giving up. We’ll also be talking about charity and suggesting some organisations that could do with your help.