Colombia to require vaccination certificates from November 16

You’ll now need to show a vaccination certificate to go to the pub or watch a football match in Colombia.

You’ll need to show a vaccination certificate to go to many public spaces in Colombia from November 16.

The government announced today that it will soon require vaccination certificates for people attending face-to-face events and activities in the country. Essentially, if you want to go to any activity where there’ll be lots of other people, you’ll need to show proof of vaccination — in either electronic or physical form.

This includes: Pubs, bars, cinemas, nightclubs, concerts, casinos, sports events, church services, museums, and theme parks. From November 16, anyone over the age of 18 will need to show their vaccination proof. And from November 30, the rules will apply to anyone over the age of 11.

The health minister, Fernando Ruiz Gómez said that the new measures are intended to reduce the risk of contagion. “A high proportion of the population is already vaccinated, but an unvaccinated part of the population remains, which ends up affecting and increasing the risk of contagion,” he said.

If you’re worried because you’ve only been able to get one dose so far, this shouldn’t be a problem. A certificate showing you’ve had one dose will do the trick.

If you got vaccinated in Colombia, in theory, you can download an electronic copy of your vaccination certificate from Mi Vacuna. Though it’s worth saying we couldn’t make it work.

If you got vaccinated abroad, there’s not yet any information about what proof will be accepted. But things will probably become clearer in the coming weeks.


  1. Normally would not comment, but all the previous negative remarks do not represent everyone. We’re traveling to Bogota next week and LOOK FORWARD to following the Columbian rules. So many of the comments here are tourists gaslighting a country without the community’s best interest in mind.

    If you’re traveling and don’t like the rules, go somewhere else, but at some point, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a sanctuary for a minority viewpoint that causes unnecessary risk to the people that live in those places.

  2. Goodbye Colombian tourism! Goodbye Colombian economy! Watch the peso crash! In the USA we reached historic unemployment and over 40% of all businesses closed. Imagine double that in Colombia without the government helping the people! The greedy Colombian politicians sold their citizens’ freedom for US dollars from Pfizer! Oh, in case you didn’t know, the vaccine is untested, dangerous and ineffective – – but you’re not allowed to ask any questions!

  3. I came to Bogota/Colombia as a Europeean because I was free from the fascistic “PLAN”demic tyranny dictatorship that is going on everywhere in the world which taking away the human rights and integrety of the body of free people, and now your corrupt goverment is licking the asshole of Klaus Schwaab from the World Economic Forum that want to spread their “Great Reset”/NWO BS everywhere.
    Must be nice to get a placebo vaxx and get privilliged + money to sell your people isn’t it! HUH. The Great Reset is a transhumanism agenda that is combining the biological body witch technology. They say it themselfs, these are not my words. Soon you will get vaccine injections that contain rfid technogy to log you into the cloud. And you will need updates/boosters all the time to still participate in “normal” life. Again THEY openly say it! This Covid HOAX is nothing but a foot into the door of a new global system where evereyones finances and health data, and ultimately even brain activity is controlled. Klaus Schwaab says it in his interviews that they want brainscans and fusion of tech with bio. Wake up! Don’t participate! I will leave this country now, and hate it because the people here are the nicest on the planet.
    All you corrupt politicians and Media Ceos belong to Nürnbeg 2.0 Trials. You should hang! And you will hang!

  4. This is all part of the The Great Reset and should be resisted. People need to be aware that we are living a monumental time in human history and that if we want to retain any freedom we need all people to educate themselves on what the digital future holds.

  5. I live in Colombia about 20 minute flight out of Bogotá .. the WHO is running the world .. this is wrong but my guess its just to please the boss .. its all show and no go .. just like the other ..war on you know what

  6. I won’t be spending money at any establishment in Colombia that requires a vaccine certificate or face covering.

    A disappointed foreigner

  7. Vaccine passports really make no logical sense to me:

    1. It’s already well known that the fully-vaxxed can still carry and transmit the virus (and also still get hospitalized/die from it).
    2. Studies show that natural immunity actually works better (covid has been around for 2 years now, surely a big portion of the population already got it and have natural immunity). Not surprising as that’s how our immune system has evolved for millions of years.
    3. There are risks involved taking the vaccine (e.g. bell’s palsy, blood clots, heart problems). It’s not possible to know long term risks yet as it’s just too new. If you’ve already recovered from covid and have natural immunity, why take unnecessary additional risks (even if small)?
    4. Apparently, effectiveness of the vaccine significantly goes down after 6 months so I guess you’ll have to keep renewing your vax pass? Really not practical and very disruptive.

    This will hurt a lot of businesses if they’re forced to enforce it. The lockdowns already did so much damage. Sweden is doing just fine without all these restrictions.

  8. This is a bad idea. I travelled to Colombia from N. America because the vaccine made me sick and I don’t want to take more. The economy will be crushed here just like back home. We know Pfizer is pulling the strings, and their medicine only is food for 6 months and then doesn’t work.

  9. Pfizer has blackmailed Colombia into vaccination passports. Colombia do not give into Caucasus gringo tyranny. Why do you think people want to visit your country? Because they see your country as free from the plandemic!!! Pablo Escobar would turn his grave if he saw how Colombia has fallen to global tyranny


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