Barriers to abortion were among the issues highlighted on Women's Day in Bogotá 2023

Institutional barriers to abortion remain in Colombia despite progressive legislation

Campaigners say significant institutional, educational and cultural barriers are yet to be overcome in the battle to make abortion accessible to all.

Going Local: Salvatore Mancuso – Truth Will Out

Salvatore Mancuso's JEP testimony raises questions about how the AUC's crimes should be handled, and how far up the ladder things went.

Nevado del Ruiz: Armero on my mind

Colombia is on amber alert as the Nevado del Ruiz volcano could blow again. We look back at how 23,000 people died in a town called Armero.

The lowdown on narco-subs

Narco-subs are back in the news. Here's everything you need to know about the clandestine craft.

Going underground? Petro threatens to derail Bogotá Metro plans

Work is already underway on Bogotá's first metro line, but the project has become the subject of a row between President Petro and the capital's mayor.

Día sin Carro: Sin Carro, Without Cares?

Bogotá's Día sin Carro always generates its share of positive and negative comments. Find out what's driving the car-free day.

How Colombian cannabis cultivators are leading the shift to regenerative production

Is there an opportunity to grow and sell cannabis in Colombia while maintaining sustainable farming practices for local communities and nature?

Wayuu mochilas: Bags for life in La Guajira

We spoke to Juan Carlos Buitrago, head of ABACO, about their work to help the Wayúu make money from traditional crafts such as mochilas.

The almighty dollar and the Colombian peso

The symbolic rate of 5,000 pesos to the USD is within touching distance. But what does all of this mean for the country?

Interview with Medellín Mayor Daniel Quintero on Building a Valley of...

Photo: Interview with Daniel Quintero. Credit: Jonathan Nassif We speak to Medellín Mayor Daniel Quintero to learn...