How to Prepare Your Baby for a Newborn Photography Session

By bogotapost September 27, 2019

Your baby can change so much in a matter of days. More than the apparent changes in their bodies, you will also notice a shift in their behavior and temperament. They will start to show more of their personalities.

Photo: Sherri Hatch 

Here’s a quick guide if you are interested in Newborn Baby Photography Services Houston TX.

  1. How old should my baby be before scheduling a newborn photoshoot?

You only have a short window to capture those very precious moments where they are comfortable while curled in a fetal position. Don’t bring the baby when they are still five days old or less. Also, most studios don’t recommend that you bring the baby when they are already more than 14 days old. There’s nothing wrong with this except they become more fidgety and it gets harder for them to settle in. Meanwhile, some photographers like Megan Matula at Kirby Drive, Houston can work with newborns even at the usual two-week timeline imposed by other studios.

  • What should my baby wear?

For the most part, everything you need is available in the studio. They have complete props, costumes, and decors that will complement the photo. However, you can undoubtedly bring onesies, outfits, and clothes that you want your baby to wear. It’s common for parents to bring an heirloom accessory that means so much to them, and ask the photographer to incorporate them in the photos.  Remember to give instructions and accessories in one go to avoid waking your child.

  • Keep your baby awake before the session.

Play with them and distract them before your photo session. Doing so ensures that the baby is tired when the photo session starts. Professional newborn photographers recommend that you schedule the photoshoot when your baby typically takes a nap. You can also feed your baby so that he or she gets sleepy. If you love those bare baby pictures, you can request that too. Don’t worry, the temperature in the studio is warm to keep the baby comfortable throughout the photoshoot.

  • Bring your baby’s formula or breast milk.

Whether you are breastfeeding or not, milk will always come in handy. A pacifier can also be helpful in times when the photographer has to move the baby into a particular pose, which may potentially wake the baby up.

The best Newborn Baby Photography Services in Houston, TX knows the value of storytelling. Anybody with a smartphone can take photographs of their babies. However, professionals can highlight your baby’s personality, so it shines through.

Also, there’s a difference between a newborn photographer and the lifestyle newborn photographer. The latter typically includes parents in the photo with a series of fashion shoots. The newborn photographer, meanwhile, pays particular attention to the baby with a series of creative shots that create a story.

Megan Matula is a photographer who specializes in newborn photography. One advantage of working with her is that she’s also a registered nurse, which means she understands how babies react to different stimuli.