Answers to Common Questions about Clip in Hair Extensions

By bogotapost May 19, 2020
Photo: Alex Maloney on Unsplash

Hair extensions are steadily growing in popularity, as evidenced by the number of celebrities on the red carpet, magazines, and television wearing them. Even the Professional Beauty Association (PBA) reported that the number of salons in the United States offering artificial hair integrations increased by almost 29 percent. The demand for hair extensions is not surprising given that it allows women to sport thick, gorgeous, long locks in an instant. 

While there are many types of hair extensions in the market today, one of the most popular is clip in hair extensions because they can be applied without professional help and can be taken off anytime. If you are interested in wearing clip-ins but lack information about this artificial hair integration method, here are answers to common questions about this product to help you out:

Can Wearing Clip In Hair Extension Cause Hair Damage?

No. Unlike other types of hair extensions that require the application of heat, glue, or clamps that damage the hair, clip-ins do not use such methods. With clip-in wefts, you just need to pin them to your natural hair, and you are done! More importantly, since clip-ins are not permanent and only worn for a couple of hours, your hair roots are less stressed and have more time to “breathe.” 

Is It Best to Wear Multiple Clip-Ins or a One Piece Hair Extension?

There is no hard and fast rule for the number of hair extension pieces you need since it depends mostly on the overall look you desire to achieve. Nonetheless, if you are a newbie, one-piece hair extensions would be a better choice since they are easy to apply. You just need to clip the piece on the back of your head for instant volume and length.

Using multiple clip-ins may require a bit of practice, but they are perfect for creating different looks. Multiple hair extensions allow you to play with hair length, colors, and thickness.

What is the Best HairStyle When Wearing Clip-In Extensions?

There is no one “best” hairstyle when using clip-in extensions since it depends on your preference. If you want a hassle-free gorgeous look, a wavy or curly style is the best trick as it can hide the bumps of the hair extension pieces effortlessly. You can also do low ponytails, braids, and buns. Just make sure to gather your hair below the ear so that the clips will not show. 

How Can I Keep My Clip-In Hair Extensions in Good Condition?

Clip-ins are easy to keep clean and maintain. Consider the following tips to keep your hair extensions in good condition:

  • Brush Before and After Use

Make sure to brush your extensions thoroughly before you clip them on and after wearing them. Start by running your hairbrush from the bottom part and work your way up. Be gentle, especially when brushing tangled hair sections and avoid pulling too hard to maintain the thickness of your clip-ins.

  • Be Generous with Hair Conditioner

Since your extensions do not have roots where it can get moisturizing nourishments, you need to condition them regularly. Apply a regular conditioner every once in a while, to keep the hair clean and shiny. 

  • Dry Them Naturally

After washing your extensions, pat with a towel and dry them naturally. Avoid using a hairdryer as much as possible since intense heat can ruin the artificial hair. 

If you want to experience thick long hair without resorting to expensive salon treatments or years of waiting, your best bet is using clip-in hair extensions. As can be deduced from the discussion points above, clip-ins are easy to style, convenient to maintain, and do not cause damage to your hair.