I Walked On The Wild Side

By bogotapost June 17, 2014

After last edition’s preview article, I had to go and check out the, uh, fun and games at the festival de BDSM/Fetish Colombia 2014.

Held at LatinPower (near Boogaloo), there were plenty of shops selling all kinds of clothes, from corsets to full-on gas masks. Corsets and bras with studded cups were particularly popular, it seemed. Also available were proper rope sets and a fearsome selection of sex toys, from dildos to simple furry handcuffs.

Most items were available for ‘road-testing’ and everything was explained where necessary – often in scary detail!

A modest selection of art was exhibited, straddling the line between art and porn, erotic without being explicit, and always provocative and sensual. Kinksters wandered the room in various stages of undress, from the fully leather-clad to the stark naked. Despite this, the atmosphere was strangely welcoming and inclusive. In the chill-out area opposite the bar, slaves obediently knelt before mistresses to worship at their feet while bondage experts swapped ideas for trying out techniques.

A few demonstrations were held, from dominatrixes showing how to flog a submissive correctly, and not like a dead horse, to a full suspension exhibition by the famous Lady Zunga. Subjects were taken and bound extensively and unremittingly, before being attached to a giant hook and hoisted into the air, horizontal to the floor and fully immobile. From the ecstatic grins on their faces, this was clearly a high in more ways than one.

At the end of the night, people slunk off to various afterparties, some private and some to the ‘official’ after party crashing the Electronica party in Index Finger. I managed to get hold of organiser Oscar Tamayo, who told me, “I’m happy. Nearly 200 attendees, and also this new venue is a big step up from the last one. No empty space, everything closer together and more play. I’m very confident for the future, every day we have more people at events.”

So there you have it – if you’re interested in what you see, the next ‘Munch’ (kinky meeting) will be July 12 at Bar Urania, on Carrera 10A # 70-24.

By Fred Ellis