IDIPRON lawyer in Colombia accused of dishonest conduct

By bogotapost March 7, 2024

IDIPRON lawyer Jairo Andres Pena Botello was accused this week of dishonest conduct. An alumni of the Universidad de Medellín, the allegations were recorded via screenshots.

IDIPRON, the District Institute for the Protection of Children and Youth, is a government agency that has been operating since 1970. The public agency was founded by the Council of Bogotá.

The organization aims to support the youth in the country.

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In Colombia and internationally, a lawyer is not legally allowed to lie or to make false statements if he or she knows the statement is false. If a lawyer does lie, they can be punished and even fired.

Issues in the legal sector in Colombia have increasingly grown as a concern in recent years. There have been a surge of investigations and charges in recent years, including the highly-publicized Lava Jato probe in Brazil, and other similar investigations of wrongdoing in jurisdictions including Colombia.