Importing Machines From China: What Can Go Wrong

By bogotapost April 3, 2018

It’s understandable for businesses to show concern when it comes to importing machines from China. In the past, China indeed had flooded the markets with low quality products but that’s just half the story.

China manufactures machines as per the requirements of the buyer and they had no option but to manufacture products with lesser quality because the buyers wanted it for cheap. But this does not mean that China only produces cheap quality products, it has a lot more to offer. It actually caters to all kind of buyers.

Today, China is considered to be one of the top exporters of the world. However, the business of importing and exporting isn’t as easy as it seems, especially when you’re importing machines from China.

A lot can go wrong if businesses don’t have the right knowledge and resources about how the business is done. As a result of which, some businesses may suffer loss.

Let’s have a look at what can go wrong when you’re importing machines from China:

Choosing A Non Reliable Supplier

Buying machines isn’t cheap. Plus, there are many other kinds of charges that you need to pay to have your goods/machines reach you.

The Chinese market is vast and you will find all kinds of suppliers wanting to do business with you including good and bad ones. Therefore, it is vital to figure out if the supplier has a good reputation in the market or not. You can see their past selling records to judge this.

Since, it is difficult to understand the common language of China, it is a wise choice to hire a translator or just have someone else procure items for you.

Choosing The Wrong Kind Of Transportation

Buying something from foreign soil is one thing but having it transported and reach you is a completely different ball game. You need to do thorough research about how transportation works in China, about custom and tax charges and what are your options to have your goods transferred.

There are plenty of options including transportation by air, by road (in containers), by sea etc. It depends upon the kind of machine you’re wanting to transport.

The right option depends on several factors including the nature of your machine, the location and of course, the urgency.

Not Giving Importance To Declaring Imports To CBP

When importing something into the US, one needs to declare imports to the CBP, an agency that deals in customs service.

You need to submit invoices mentioning all the goods being brought inside the US, pay taxes, customs fee etc. Neglecting this step can have your machine confiscated until the matter is cleared.

So, make sure you read the rules and comply them. Sometimes, one needs to have an import license when bringing in goods from China, hence make sure you have one if needed.

Look Out For Scams Because You Have No Legal Rights Over Chinese Suppliers

People who are beginners at importing business items often fall prey to a scams. There’s no surety that your machine will reach you in one piece and safely unless you buy from a trusted Chinese supplier.

In case of theft or scam, the Chinese government won’t help you and you will have to deal with the losses.

The Verdict

It is vital to consider these factors when importing from China so that you can be on the safe side and protect your machines while they’re being imported. The best option is to find a source agent who will take care of everything on your behalf.