Neo-Nazis Vandalize Mural

By bogotapost April 25, 2014
Bogota News, Bogota graffiti, Bogota mural vandalised.

Bogota News, Bogota graffiti, Bogota mural vandalised.

An iconic Bogota mural for victims of the Colombian political conflict has been vandalized by a group of so-called Neo-Nazis.

The event was said to have taken place on the evening of Sunday April 14 on calle 26, opposite the Centre de Memoria where the mural is situated.

According to Aida Avella, vice presidential candidate for the Patriotic Union (UP) party, the group consisted of around fifty armed men.

The members of the group are said to be from Tercera Fuerza (Third Force) which is a right-wing group of Colombians with Nazi leanings. They painted messages over parts of the mural including: “Fascism and totalitarianism” “Out UP. Out FARC” and “Colombia is free.”

According to spectators, supporters of the mural were already painting over the Tercera Fuerza messages on Monday morning.

The vandalized mural represents the events which happened during the 80’s and 90’s to leftist political party Patriotic Union (UP), during which time an estimated 4,000 of its members were killed or disappeared.