Now Showing In Bogota Theaters

By bogotapost August 20, 2014

Monologos de Terciopelo
An Ecuadorian play by Jorge Mateus which relates the difficulties faced by actors. The play opens on a confused man who cannot remember who he is, but with every scene he begins to remember fragments of his life.
Centro Cultural Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Calle 11 #5-60,
7:00 PM, August 21 ONLY

Voces de la Tierra
After being closed for six years for renovation, Bogota’s iconic Teatro Colon has recently re-opened to the public. In this play, inspired by the structure of Dante’s Divine Comedy, Dante and Virgil are reincarnated as Simon Bolivar and his teacher, Mother Earth.
Teatro Colon, Calle 10 #5-32,
7:30PM, August 21 & 22

Zurich Ballet – Romeo and Juliet
Switzerland’s most famed ballet group performs a moving version of Shakespeare’s classic. With the participation of the Colombian National Symphony Orchestra.
Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo, Calle 170 #67-51,
8:00 PM, August 28-30

Hamlet en los tiempos del ruido
To celebrate 450 years since the birth of William Shakespeare, Farley Velásquez directs a homage to the English poet and playwright.
Teatro Colon, Calle 10 #5-32,
7:30PM, August 28 & 29

El Pobre Bertolt Brecht
A cabaret show based on a selection of Bertolt Brecht poems, adapted by Patricia Jaramillo and put to music by Victor Hernandez. The poems betray a complex and trouble man who faced some of the most crucial and difficult moments of the 20th century and who is constantly questioning his current reality.
Teatro Libre, Calle 12b #2-44, 7:30 PM
Until August 30

Ositos de Goma
This dark comedy, centred around five teachers in a staff room discussing the school’s procedures and their roles within the institution, provocatively highlights conflicts in the workplace and the role of the individual within the educational system.
Teatro Colon, Calle 10 #5-32
7:30PM, September 4 & 5

Live Opera: Summer Cycle
Bringing you the best of the latest season at New York’s Metropolitan Opera, Cine Colombia will be putting on recordings of The Enchanted Island, Romeo and Juliet and La Fanciulla del West. With Spanish subtitles.
Cine Colombia
Until September 6

El Solar de los Mangos
Directed by Orlando Cajamarca, this play reflects upon the lives of the three protagonists living in a society in crisis. It takes on modern conflicts, such as displacement, loss of territory, drugs, violence, abandonment, prostitution and economic exploitation in so-called ‘Third World’ countries.
Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo, Calle 170 #67-51
8:00 PM, September 5 & 6

Tabú, en la cama con Manuela
With a talented and suggestive cast that alternates with every showing, you are sure to be entertained by a show that combines acting, sensuality and humour. In this stage creation, directed by Daniel Calderón, Dr. Manuela Pajoi, an expert sex psychologist, takes viewers on a journey of self-discovery, sharing a variety of secrets that she has picked up around the world and which will utterly transform your sex life.
La Comedia Teatro, Carrera 49 #94-06,
Thursdays and Fridays at 8:00 PM
Saturdays at 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM
Until August 30

La Molestia Aparte
Diego Trujillo and Marcela Gallego perform a critique of Colombia’s current health system.
Teatro Nacional Fanny Mikey, Calle 71 #10–25
Until November 2