Tips to Go Summertime Fishing in Florida

By bogotapost November 25, 2020
Photo: Brady Rogers on Unsplash

Florida is blessed with hundreds of miles of rivers and deep water just off the coast, making it a thriving ecosystem for marine life. It is one of the reasons for Florida being recognized as the fishing capital of the world. Due to these factors, you wouldn’t be surprised to know river fishing is a popular pastime in Florida. 

If you love fishing and want to have a memorable fishing experience this summer, these tips will help you. 

Know the Best Fishing Spots

Florida has diverse waterways, and the state boasts of some of the best fishing spots spread across the region. The state is surrounded by two major water bodies, which give you fishing opportunities at every corner of the region. Here are a few fishing spots you can explore this summer. 

Fort Myers- Located in Southwest Florida, it is one of the best fishing spots to catch the famed backcountry slam. Redfish, Trout, and snook are abundant in the waterways. You will find inshore anglers have a great time at this spot. Other species found here include Cobia, Mangrove Snapper, and various species of Sharks. The main reason to visit this spot in the summer is that Fort Myers provides you diverse fishing opportunities, including bottom fishing over reefs and fly fishing in the bay. 

Naples – Located in the heart of Florida’s coast, it is another famed fishing spot in Florida. The turquoise water and pristine beaches make it a family vacation destination. One of the popular activities in Naples is fishing. You can go backcountry fishing in the Mangroves or go to the inland canals to catch everything from Blacktip Shark to Spotted Seatrout. 

There are several other popular fishing spots in Florida. If you are looking for golden opportunities for summertime fishing, consider visiting Tampa Bay, Miami, Sarasota, Daytona Beach, and Jacksonville.

Learn About the Best Fishing Positions 

The water levels are low in summer, which makes summertime fishing difficult. However, you can improve your chances by following some strategies and taking help from experts like

Experts suggest that you should keep moving from one place to another on the riverbank while keeping yourself concealed. Try catching one fish at a time. It allows you to cover a larger area and catch fish that are not good at hiding in the deep. The target fish are not actively looking for food but may get attracted to a suitable bait like a lobworm, freelined slug, or breadflake.

The rule of engagement is to approach from downstream, keep low on the horizon, and present the bait as naturally as possible.

Go Fishing During Calm Conditions.

Thermal stratification has a comprehensive effect on fish behavior. When the wind-mixing is low, the surface layer of the water is heated by the sun. It gets separated from colder water in the deep where the sunlight does not reach. In such conditions, the deeper layer might be devoid of oxygen and fish. The fish swims typically in the warm upper layer of water, which is rich in oxygen.

If you go fishing when the water is calm and at a standstill, avoid fishing in deep. Try fishing near the water’s surface as the lake might be stratified due to the difference in temperature in the lake.

Find The Best Fish Feeding Tactics.

If you like to stay in one place and enjoy fishing, you need to learn the best feeding tactics. You cannot ignore the opportunistic nature of fish when going for summer fishing. It would help if you forced the fish to compete for the food. For example, you can initially introduce a loose feed to attract fish in large numbers. Don’t start to catch fish immediately. Wait for the fish to build confidence towards the food source. 

Once many fish compete for the bait, you can catch some fish from the shoal without raising suspicion in fish feeding on bait. 

Get the Best Tackle

 In the summer season, when the water is warm, fish can swim fast. A large fish will fight harder when caught in a fishing hook. When fishing for species like barbell and carp, make sure the knots and tackle strength can withstand the additional force generated by the fishing trying to escape. 

Fish Early in the Morning 

Aquatic plants play an important role in replenishing oxygen levels in the pond or lake. During the daytime, the plants generate oxygen through photosynthesis, raising the oxygen levels in the pond. At night the photosynthesis process stops. The fish in the lake utilize oxygen in the water causing the oxygen level to drop by morning. Hence, you will find more fish at the surface layers of the pond or lake at dawn. 

To sum up, these are some of the tips for summertime fishing that can help you get a good catch and make it a memorable experience.