Uribe faces one less investigation

By bogotapost November 11, 2015

Uribe investigatedThe Supreme Court of Justice announced on October 29 that it will not formally investigate former president Álvaro Uribe for aggravated conspiracy for granting licences to facilitate drug trafficking.

Senator Iván Cepeda made the accusation to the court in September 2014, concerning events which allegedly took place between 1980 and 1994 when Uribe was employed as a director of Aeronautica Civil and subsequently as a legislator.

If he had been found guilty, he could have faced up to 12 years in prison.

The court stated that the allegations concern events which occurred over 20 years ago and thus the statute of limitations for the crimes had expired.

The court’s decision means that Uribe faces one less investigation. However, no decision has been made on the other allegations that are outstanding against the controversial senator.

Analysts say that the accusations of a supposed collaboration with presidential candidate Óscar Iván Zuluaga to interfere unduly with the peace process and an investigation into his role in a 1994 massacre in El Aro, could still be on the cards, though this has not been confirmed officially.

Cepeda, who lodged the original complaint is now being investigated by Attorney General Alejandro Ordóñez, who has started disciplinary proceedings against Cepeda, accusing him of obtaining false statements from prisoners against Uribe in exchange for bribes.

Cepeda rejected the investigation – stating that it was an attempt for revenge for his initial calls to investigate Uribe.

By Laura Sharkey