We Hope You Like Jammin’…

By bogotapost May 16, 2014

Virgin_4/9-15hrIt’s that time of the year again – Jamming Festival is back around to liven up Bogotá. Samantha Raoult previews the festival…

Rapidly becoming a mainstay of the music scene here, this is the festival’s fourth year-and it promises to be its best yet! The festival brings to town some of the biggest stars, celebrating One Love music, art & culture over the weekend of May 31. Headlining this year’s festival are Bennie Man & Lady Saw – otherwise known as the King & Queen of Dancehall. We will also be dancing to the incredible Totó la Momposina, Bomba Estéreo, Israel Vibration and the German hip-hop, reggae & rock fusion group SEEED.

What’s One Love, I hear you ask? According to the festival organisers, it’s all about music, art & culture with roots in black music: the diverse African diaspora or the rich alternative music made right here in South America. If you still don’t know – just head on down to the festival. The irresistible beats of reggae, dancehall, ragga, hip-hop, tropical bass and much more will keep you on your feet all day and all night!

Considering the high cost of live music here, the Jamming festival is good value for money. Weekend tickets cost $220,000COP in advance or $250,000COP on the day. One day tickets cost $165,000COP in advance and $187,000COP on the day.

What’s more, the festival funds a variety of projects to bring about social change. Its social arm, Jamming Social, focuses on three key social issues: environmental awareness, children’s wellbeing and animal welfare. This is a great example of a social enterprise in Colombia. One Love is not just all talk, it’s also action.

As we say in Colombia: QUIEN DIJO YO? (Who’s up for it?) Don’t miss out on a unique weekend filled with sunshine, amazing performances and music that will make you shake it.

All you need to know about Jamming Festival at www.jammingfestival.com.co

To find out more about Jamming Social or to get involved in their projects: [email protected] or 310 321 5818