What to see: Theatre

By bogotapost July 13, 2015

Padre rico pobre padreO origem da felicidade
The centro de educación y rehabilitación Santa María de la Providencia, who have over 48 years experience working with disabled people in remote communities, presents O origem da felicidade. Inspired by Brazilian Bahian culture, this is a love story, in which time and the ocean are the main characters.
Teatro Colsubsidio, Calle 26 #25-40. July 24 & 25, 7pm. Tickets from $40,000.

Nacido para imitar
Bogota-born and bred comic Betto Rojas takes us on a magical journey of farce, music and politics as he imitates over 20 different characters.
La Comedia Teatro, Carrera 49 #94-06. Wednesdays at 8pm. Until July 29. Tickets $35,000.

Cállate y escribe!
Two sparring married writers decide never to discuss work at home. Will this be enough to save their relationship?
Teatro Nacional Fanny Mikey, Calle 71 #10-25. Thursdays and Fridays at 8.30pm, Saturdays at 6pm and 8.30pm, Sundays at 6pm. Until August 2. Tickets from $40,000.

Érase una vez un quijote de La Mancha
Colombia’s own Don Quijote must go on a quest to find his own Aldonaza, the Dulcinea de Sogamoso!
Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo, Calle 170 #67-51. July 25 at 7pm. Tickets $15,000.

“M” de magia
For all prospective Houdinis and magic lovers, the Comedia Teatro is hosting a magic season for all the family!
La Comedia Teatro, Carrera 49 #94-06. Tuesdays until December 2015. Tickets $35,000.

La bailarina y la escopeta
Chekhov season hits Teusaquillo, with a run of shows dedicated to the Russian playwright. In this first play, the 35 audience members will be given a “parallel look” into a Chekhovian style world.
Casa de La Maldita Vanidad, Carrera 19 #45a–17. Thursdays to Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays at 6.30pm. Tickets $30,0000.

Padre rico pobre padre
Diego Trujillo leads us through the pitfalls and challenges of being a modern day dad, a far cry from when the days when dads just watched football…
Casa E, Carrera 24 #41-69. Thursdays to Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays at 6pm. Tickets $35,000.

El bolero de Rubén
A musical bathed in black comedy, music and suspense. Four characters become embroiled in a situation that brings out the best and worst in them. Set to the rhythm of bolero, the audience is shown the human capacity to swing between good and evil, anguish and fear.
A Seis Manos, Calle 22 #8-60. July 11, 12, 19, 25 & 26 at 6.30pm. Tickets $35,000.

This tale of black humour follows Bayo and Fif, two brothers planning a bank robbery to fund their summer holidays. They didn’t plan on getting sucked into the city’s criminal underworld though!
Teatro Nacional la Castellana, Calle 95 #47-15. Thursdays and Fridays at 8.30pm, Saturdays at 6pm and 8.30pm, Sundays at 6.00pm. Tickets from $30,000.

Ese tal show no existe!
“They asked me to do a show about Colombia, so I started looking at the map and even the form of it looked odd…” Join Freddy Beltrán on an 85-minute trip through Colombia and its culture.
Teatro Santa Fe, Calle 57 #17-13. Daily at 8pm. Tickets from $45,000.

Ese chivo es puro cuento
Do you like goats? Do you like puppets? Then don’t miss the tale of Doña Susanita and her goat in Titiribí.
Teatro La Libelula Dorada, Carrera 19 #51–69. July 12 at 8pm. Tickets $20,000.

Maté a mi madre a cacerolazos…
A failing actress and kitchen tools collide in this play.
Teatro Ditirambo, Calle 45a #14–37. July 9-11, 18, 23-24 & 30-31 at 8pm. Tickets $28,000

El circo de la Ilusión
Clowns, magicians and puppets take on the Macarena in this show – audience participation is big on the agenda.
Teatro la Macarena, Calle 26a #4a-17. July 12 and 26 at 11am. Tickets from $10,000.

Viajas en el viento Antígona
Family ties are tested in this tragic Sophoclean tale of deceit, betrayal and love.
Teatro Ditirambo, Calle 45a #14–37. Thursdays to Saturdays at 7.30pm. Until August 28. Tickets $28,000

El botín
The black comedy mixes up one assassin, her lover and a tale of life and death.
Teatro Bernardo Romero Lozano, Calle 46 #28-30. Until August 1, 7.30pm.

By Charlotte Mackenzie