Where to go: Galleries

By bogotapost May 12, 2015

Tu Casa, Tu MAMBo
A unique and unprecedented concept sees objects and works of art from ordinary people’s homes displayed in Bogota’s modern art museum, MAMBo, while those whose pieces have been chosen receive replicas of pieces of art from the museum to display in their houses. Applications were made via social media and the winners range from all ages and backgrounds – love letters, family heirlooms, photos, clothes and a number of other objects will be in the museum.
MAMBo, Calle 24 #6-00, Until May 16

North American Art: Identity, Place and Memory
This exhibition centres on things that have an impact on people living in North America, and includes work from Latin American, Asian American and African American artists. It examines ideas of memory and identity, how we view ourselves and what others think about us.
BAC, Carrera 7 #57-53, Until May 28

Raymond Depardon’s France
With over 50 published books and 19 films to his name, Depardon is one of France’s most famed photographers, photojournalists and documentary filmmakers, and received a Pulitzer Prize in 1977.
Museo del Banco de la República, Calle 11 #4-41, Until May 31

Encuentros Mexico-Colombia: Various Artists
Around 100 works of art from Colombia and Mexico, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, photos and recordings. The Mexican artists on show include Frida Kahlo, Rufina Tamayo, Diego Rivera and Saturnino Herrán.
Museo Nacional, Carrera 7 #26, Until June 7

Movimiento Armonico Simple
The Colectivo Maski presents an exhibition centred on the Monument to the Flags, built in southwest Bogota in the 40s as an optimistic commemoration of pan-American integration. More than 60 years later, the flags no longer fly and the airport that probably justified the exhibition’s location has been replaced. These obsolete monuments now stand abandoned, a poignant reminder of stumbling modernity.
Espacio Odeon, Carrera 5 #12c-73, Until June 27

Catherine Poncin: archives d’un present
With a sensitive look at Colombia’s conflict and its victims, Poncin presents images of disappeared Colombians, forcing the viewer out of the anaesthesia that so often clouds our view of the conflict. As well as exhibiting at the Alliance Francaise, her work was also present at the Centro Nacional de Memoria Historica’s stand at FILBo.
Alianza Francesa Chico, Carrera 11 #93-40, Until July 16

Hernán Díaz – Revelado: Retratos, Sesiones y Hojas de Contactos
A selection of 76 photos which cover many of the situations and themes that have come to define Díaz’s work. With the inclusion of many contact sheets that are being displayed for the first time, the exhibition offers a fascinating insight into the artist’s creative process.
BLAA, Calle 11 #4-41, Until February 2016