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Bogota Theatre, Una Relacion PornagraficaUna Relación Pornográfica
Philip Blasband’s work touches on co-habitation, love, lust, affairs and how to keep that “spark” going as a couple.
Teatro Nacional Fanny Mikey, Calle 71 #10-11. Thursday and Friday 8.30pm, Saturday 6.00pm and 8.30pm, Sunday 6.00pm. Until October 11. Tickets from $45,000.

Big Bang
A journey through space for adults and children alike, with a stunning show revolving around the creation of the universe, massive planets, shooting stars, meteorites, black holes and alien beings.
Teatro Nacional la Castellana, Calle 95 #47-15. Sundays at 11.30am, until September 13. Tickets from $20,000.

Te quiero hasta la luna
A hit in Buenos Aires, this romantic comedy features a couple who, after 30 years together, decide to fulfil their lifelong dream of a trip to the moon!
Planetario de Bogota, Calle 26 #5-93. Fridays 8.00pm, Saturdays 7.00pm and 8.00pm. Until September 20. Tickets $20,000.

Un Chéjov
This new work at La Maldita Vanidad mixes a love of the Russian playwright with interpretative dance.
La Maldita Vanidad, Carrera 19 #45a-17. Thursday to Saturday 8.00pm, Sundays 6.30pm. Until September 27. Tickets $30,000.

Hoy envejecí diez años
A drama unfolds in 1980s Medellín, with a unique Chekhov twist.
Teatro Colón, Calle 10 #5-32. Wednesday to Saturday 7.30pm, Sundays 3.30pm. Until October 4.  

Cirque Farouche – Blast
A total of 19 talented artists take to the stage to delight and surprise!
Teatro Jorge Eliécer Gaitán, Carrera 7 #22-47. September 19 at 3.00pm and 8.00pm, September 20 at 11.00am. Tickets from $20,000.

My name es Paulo
Paulo Hernández is set to take a trip around the world, to London and even further afield.
La Comedia Teatro, Carrera 49 #94-06. Thursday, Friday and Saturday 8.00pm. Until September 26. Tickets $45,000.

Monologos de la vagina
The “Vagina Monologues” in Spanish you say? This well known piece, written in 1996 by Eve Ensler, takes to the stage yet again in Bogota, for a short run.
Teatro Nacional la Castellana, Calle 95 #47-15. Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 8.30pm. Until September 30. Tickets from $35,000.

La Serotonina
A mix of song, dance and theatre that will wow your senses.
Teatro Libélula Dorada, Carrera 19 #51–69. September 24-26. Tickets $10,000.

La Jaguara Títeres presenta “El Árbol de la Abundancia”
A combination of myths and legends from the Brazilian and Colombian Amazon inspire this play, from the Jaguara theatre company.
Teatro Libélula Dorada, Carrera 19 #51–69. September 13 at 11.30am. Tickets $20,000.

Ese chivo es puro cuento
Love puppets? Doña Susana has to find a way to keep her goat happy.
Teatro Libélula Dorada, Carrera 19 #51–69. September 20 at 11.30am. Tickets $20,000.

Los Espíritus Lúdicos
Puppets Tito and Tata take the audience on a magical journey to wonderland.
Teatro Libélula Dorada, Carrera 19 #51–69. September 27 at 11.30am. Tickets $20,000.

Caliwood: La Celebración
Short attention span? Love theatre? Casa E has another series of theatre shorts for you, based in the city of Calí.
Casa E, Carrera 24 #41-69. Thursday to Saturday 8.00pm. Tickets $15,000 per 15 minute show.

Querido Público
An “anti-talent” show if there was such a thing… This tongue-in-cheek work is a play on celebrity status and how shallow people really are.
Casa E, Carrera 24 #41-69. Thursday to Saturday 8.00pm. Tickets $30,000.

24 horas en la vida de una mujer
Based on Stefan Zweig’s novel, this play tells the story of a romantic encounter between a beautiful woman and a casino teller.
Casa E, Carrera 24 #41-69. Thursday to Saturday 8.00pm. Tickets $35,000.

Lo Crudo
In a hidden corner of the city, two clowns dissect and discuss politics.
Teatro Ditirambo, Calle 45a #14–37. September 17-18. Tickets $20,000.

De cantina en cantina
Ana, Fernanda and Rocío work in La Cantina, a bar where men go to drown their sorrows. One morning, Fernanda finds a dead body behind the bar, kicking off a musical journey that jumps through a series of situations, oscillating between humour and drama.
Teatro Nacional la Castellana, Calle 95 #47-15. Thursday to Saturday at 8.30pm, Saturdays and Sundays at 6pm. Until September 20. Tickets from $35,000.

A boy finds his alter-ego hidden in his doll Cynthia…
Teatro Ditirambo, Calle 45a #14–37.  September 11-19, 8.00pm. Tickets $20,000.

Los Tiempos del Ruido
A mish-mash of people, characters and backgrounds collide in this chaotic play.
Teatro la Mama, Calle 63 #9-60. September 4-19, 7.30pm. Tickets $20,000.

Me enamoré
A young waiter meets a retired soldier in this tale of love at first sight.
Barranca Teatro, Carrera 17 #50-60. Fridays and Saturdays at 8.00pm. Until September 26. Tickets $35,000.

“M” de Magia
For all prospective Houdinis and magic lovers, the Comedia Teatro is hosting a magic season for all the family!
La Comedia Teatro, Carrera 49 #94-06. Tuesdays until December 2015. Tickets $35,000.

By Charlotte Mackenzie


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