World cinema hits Bogota

By bogotapost July 31, 2015

banner-indiebo02The first ever Bogota Festival of Independent Cinema (IndieBo) kicked off on July 16 with a star-studded inauguration event outside Avenida Chile Centro Comercial and a screening of the acclaimed La Tierra y La Sombra.

The power and draw of Bogota’s newest film festival was highlighted by a star studded red carpet cast. The likes of Nick Sandow, of Boardwalk Empire and Orange is the New Black fame, actress and presenter Juliana Galvis and former Miss Colombia Paola Turbay joined the city’s glitz and glam crowd to celebrate the best in independent cinema from around the world.

The festival, which took place between July 16 and 26, featured more than 100 productions by filmmakers from 31 countries. It is estimated that around 25,000 admissions were sold throughout the event.

Spearheaded by Turbay and Juan Carvajal – who have run New York’s Colombian Film Festival for the past three years – the festival sought to bring diverse parts of the world to the general public through a selection of award-winning productions.

Films were shown at a range of cinemas throughout the city and particular highlights included the Malian They will have to kill us first, about the ban on music in northern Mali in 2012, and Chilean movie El club, which centres around the lives of four retired Catholic priests and their quest to rid themselves of their past.

By Laura Sharkey