A decade of BAM: Breaking borders with Bogotá Audiovisual Market

By Annie Deri June 19, 2019
Bogota Audiovisual Market 2019
BAM 2019 Photo: cartelurbano.com

Leaders in the audiovisual sector speak about how far the industry has come as they look forward to next month’s opening of BAM, this time with Italy as the guest of honour.

Ahead of next month’s Bogotá Audiovisual Market (BAM), leading figures from the city’s creative industries gathered to celebrate the growth of the audiovisual sector, and commemorate ten years since the initiative was first launched.

Around 1,800 industry professionals – including guests from 30 countries – will take part in this year’s BAM, which runs from July 8 to 12.

Italy is the guest of honour and so various Italian institutions such as the ANICA (National Association for Cinematographic and Audiovisual Industries) will join forces with Colombian projects. Italy is part of Ibermedia, a programme that supports the co-production of Ibero-american projects.

In his introduction, the Italian ambassador, Gherardo Amaduzzi, pointed to the possibility of a wider cinematographic collaboration between Italy and Colombia in the future. Amaduzzi highlighted not only the important economic role, but also the social role that the audiovisual sector plays for both countries. He said that Colombia is working towards, “A type of cinema that represents all of the contradictions, the joys, and the dreams of this country.”

For the first time ever, this year’s BAM is opening up one event to the public. The programme, BAM Disruptors, is a series of talks by people who have revolutionised the audiovisual world. The audience can gain an insight into what it takes to be a ‘disruptor’, an inspirer, and creator of the future. Sign up in advance at www.bogotamarket.com if you want to attend.

The significance of telling stories that connect with people was a running theme, especially as the multidisciplinary nature of BAM allows for innovative new ways to tell them. Claudia Triana de Vargas, director of Proimágenes Colombia, described the development she has witnessed over the past decade: “The cinematic projects have matured, they have grown in quality, strengthened their stories,” she said, “They have started to realise the importance of working in a multidisciplinary team. It’s not just one person working alone anymore.”

This uniting of people and projects has not only boosted creativity, but also the Colombian economy. According to figures produced by the CCB, there are 10,264 companies registered as creative industries in Bogotá, which generate around 21,500 jobs.

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Triana states, “The most important audiovisual market in the country continues to invest in talent and in businesses, as creativity is the engine behind breaking borders. BAM opens its doors and welcomes everyone, and will continue to tell stories in all their forms.”

Now in its tenth edition, BAM promotes the Colombian audiovisual industry at a national and international level by supporting directors, producers, and new talents. The emphasis is on collaboration and breaking borders; whether that be the borders between different multimedia forms, or between countries and continents.

The programme is coordinated by the Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá (CCB) and Proimágenes Colombia, with the support of the Foundation for Cinematographic Development (FDC).