Bum deal

By bogotapost September 10, 2015

El Dorado airport securityMan stopped in El Dorado airport: two kilos of heroin found in prosthetic bottom

A man trying to smuggle almost two kilos of heroin in a fake bottom was stopped in El Dorado airport this month.

The 33-year-old man who was travelling to Mexico City was detained by customs police at the airport.

During a full body search, two black bags were found in each buttock, containing almost 1.7 kilos of heroin in total.

“It is normal, or within what we usually uncover, that people carry illegal goods hidden around their body, but it did grab our attention that this individual was carrying the heroin in his buttocks,” Colonel Diego Rosero, head of the airport’s special division told Colombian police.

Heroin has a higher sale price on the Mexican black market than in Colombia.

“It is just another example of a person after easy money, caught up in the lure of drug trafficking,” Rosero added.

By Charlotte Mackenzie