DawerXDamper main image

Festival Estéreo Picnic 2023: Dawer X Damper = A Bright Future

We’re always most excited by the local talent at Festival Estéreo Picnic, and today we’re talking to AfroFuturist stars DawerXDamper
Colombia Tierra de Sabrosura

New tourist campaign enshrines 9 uniquely Colombian rhythms as Cultural Heritage...

Nine exclusively Colombian rhythms have been declared Cultural Heritage of the Americas, thanks to a tourism campaign run by ProColombia, the government entity in...
Mocoa, landslide Colombia

Mocoa: Aftermath of the catastrophic landslide

Colombia finds itself in a state of shock in the aftermath of the catastrophic landslide that has left hundreds of people confirmed dead and devastated the riverside city of Mocoa.
Colombia World Salsa Champions

Colombians win 2015 Congreso Mundial de la Salsa

A Colombian duo has claimed the crown in this year’s Congreso Mundial de la Salsa in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Adrianita Ávila and Jefferson Benjumea...
Colombia Venezuela dispute, Venzuela deports Colombians

Law and border

“If the minimum humanitarian conditions are met, I will sit down to solve this problem, and I assure President Maduro that we can solve...

iNNpulsa Colombia and Fulbright Offer Masters in Innovation Scholarship

An alliance between iNNpulsa Colombia and the Fulbright program of the US government has started the scholarship ‘Route of Innovation', which is currently open...
Fracking in Colombia

Fracking in Colombia: What the frack?

Hydraulic fracturing – or simply ‘fracking’ – is a method of extracting oil and gas which has made its way from the US across most of South America and is in exploratory stages in Colombia. The possibility that fracking in Colombia might be allowed has sparked controversy – Steffan Frydkjær finds out more about this controversial extraction method.

1819 – 2019: 200 years of Colombia

Colombia has had a rollercoaster 200 years of history. Check out some key moments…
The Simon Bolivar Statue in Bogota

Colombia’s courts are in crisis

What the JEP is going on? Wednesday’s resignation of Nestor Humberto Martínez, Colombia’s Attorney General, took the...
Colombia Schengen Visa

Schengen opens its doors

As Schengen countries sign off on visa-free access for Colombians and Peruvians, Daniel Steel speaks to the Spanish Consul General about what the decision...