Salt Cathedral ready for a homecoming by Cynthia Villamil

Festival Estéreo Picnic 2023: ‘There’s this great musical heritage in Colombia...

With Festival Estéreo Picnic just around the corner, we’re covering the local bands set to light up the event. Today it’s the...
Lalo Cortés onstage

Festival Estéreo Picnic 2023: Lalo Cortés is bringing jazz back

“We need to rethink jazz.” It can be a marmite genre, but soul singer Lalo Cortés is leading the charge to redefine...
Amantina by Adrián Jaramillo

Festival Estéreo Picnic 2023: Amantina – the next step

Bogotá-born musician Amantina is keeping his feet on the ground ahead of his biggest ever performance at Festival Estéreo Picnic 2023
Llilli chill at FEP

Festival Estéreo Picnic 2023: llilli 

Bogotá-based musical collective llilli promise to kick off FEP 2023 in style  Felipe and Pablo at the...
DawerXDamper main image

Festival Estéreo Picnic 2023: Dawer X Damper = A Bright Future

We’re always most excited by the local talent at Festival Estéreo Picnic, and today we’re talking to AfroFuturist stars DawerXDamper
Lika Nova for Estereo Picnic 2023

Festival Estéreo Picnic 2023: Lika Nova are ready to go supernova! 

Our series of features on Colombian talent at Festival Estéreo Picnic continues with Lika Nova - amping themselves up for the “best...
Felipe Orjuela recording

Festival Estéreo Picnic 2023: Felipe Orjuela – “We need a Colombian...

Felipe recording with La Estudiantina Electrónica. Photo courtesy of Páramo Felipe Orjuela wants the world to put on...
Ha$lopablito and Hi-kymon at FEP

Festival Estéreo Picnic 2023: Ha$loPablito, local hip-hop for local people

Our series on local bands at Festival Estéreo Picnic 2023 continues with Ha$loPablito, a hip-hop project that thinks global and acts local.
Ana Sanz with guitar

Estereo Picnic 2023: Ana Sanz

"I’m going to leave a legacy" - we speak to Ana Sanz in our series on local bands at Festival Estéreo...
Higuita en chanclas grandma

Festival Estéreo Picnic 2023: Quien putas es Higuita en Chanclas?

In the run-up to Festival Estéreo Picnic 2023, we’re interviewing the local talent that are the heart and soul of the musical...