Mia Madre

By Carolina Morales April 26, 2016

Mia Madre4/5 stars

Nanni Moretti respectfully and tactfully addresses how to deal with loss and mourning in Mia Madre, having already broached the subject successfully with The Son’s Room.

This simple and soft masterpiece about humanity and courage follows a moment in the life of Margherita, a film director intent on finding the truth through images. She is filming a movie but at the same time is taking care of her sick mother, waiting for her final moment.

In amongst the pain and suffering, Mia Madre has moments of humour, thanks largely to John Turturro’s character, Barry Huggins, an irritable and stubborn actor, who Turturro depicts with his usual understated talent. Yet, Moretti’s main achievement with this film is showing how humans deal with situations of grief, and highlighting the universality of our reactions.

Nostalgia and emotion are ever-present as Margherita prepares for her loss in a deeply moving film about the essence of being human, which pays tribute to the importance of mothers. Certainly one to watch.

By Carolina Morales