Happy Birthday Estéreo Picnic

By Oli Pritchard March 30, 2019
The Irie Kingz chilling in ‘La Nevera’ de Bogotá. Photo: Alisson Cantor

The capital’s leading independent festival is all grown up and ready to celebrate its tenth birthday. Here we have a rundown on all that’s happening.

After ten years of growing up, Festival Estéreo Picnic is ready for its first big party. You remember how it was when you were knee-high to a grasshopper – all your mates round, dressing up and ready to party like you were going to die tomorrow. Well, you still might, but this time you get to listen to some quality music first. So what’s the party going to be like? Let’s have a look at the guest list!

Kendrick Lamar will be the cool kid in the centre of the party, everyone flocking to hear him hold court as Friday afternoon’s headliner. Earlier in the night you’ll find hipster kids Interpol hanging out in the kitchen, trying to light fags off the hobs and nosing around the discarded drinks. La Pedrina is a good bet for a chat if you see her in the hallway and Mabiland is cooler than anyone else at this party, Lamar included.

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Of course, there’s a key invitee that won’t be there. After recent tragic events, The Prodigy will not be playing on Saturday night, but they will be in people’s hearts. At the last moment, fellow 90s legends Underworld have been confirmed as their replacements. There’ll be plenty of local leading lights such as Mitú and Absalón working the room too.

Late to arrive, but commanding the party in a slightly haughty way when they turn up on Sunday will be Sheffield legends The Arctic Monkeys. As proud Yorkshiremen, it’ll be hard for them to travel this far south, and twice as hard to pay for a drink at festival prices. Foals will be getting the dancefloor moving first, and everyone will be nice to Sam Smith while slagging him off behind his back. He makes decent beer, but shitty music.

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Sunday will be chock-full of Colombian talent too – Nicolás and his fumadores will be outside puffing away on cancer sticks, Montaña are perfect for post-barbeque chillout beard-rubbing shoegazing, and Las Yumbeñas are the enthusiastic girls wearing too-cool-for-school Japanese shirts in the corner. Irie Kingz will be in the front room, trying to keep warm far from their native San Andrés and Bajo Tierra will be very much above ground and leading the party.