Housing complex for conflict victims

By bogotapost January 25, 2015

Paloquemao market

More than 400 new housing units are being built in Bogota for people who have been displaced by Colombia’s armed conflict, city officials and media outlets reported last week.

The 457 units are being constructed through a housing project called ‘Plaza de la Hoja’, and will be located near the Paloquemao market. The complex will span 36,000 square meters, reports said.

President Juan Manuel Santos and Bogota Mayor Gustavo Petro were set to mark the completion of the first stage of project this week.

Exactly who will get to live in the new units when they are completed will be determined by a raffle of names of registered displaced people who currently reside in Bogota.

The housing complex is a project led by Metrovivienda, part of the city’s Bogota Humana initiative, which, alongside the Colombian Society of Architects, ran an architectural design contest.

In addition to the houses, parks and other green spaces have been included in the design.

The housing complex is at Carrera 32 with Calle 18, a location which was chosen for its proximity to the Transmilenio and other transport networks.

The housing units are expected to be completed by March 2015.

By Laura Sharkey