Is Your Business Getting Affected By Nuisance Calls?

By bogotapost June 5, 2018

Photo: David Wall, Flickr

When you run a business, communication is very important and there are many ways in which businesses deal with communication needs. Of course, using the phone to make and take calls is still as important as ever, despite the numerous alternatives available these days. However, one problem that can impact on this method of communication is being subjected to continual nuisance calls. There are many businesses that find themselves being targeted by cold callers and others making nuisance calls, and for a business this can have a huge impact.

When you are receiving nuisance calls regularly, it not only blocks up the line to make or take calls that you really need but also means wasted time for whoever ends up dealing with the call. Any business that receives nuisance calls needs to take action if the matter starts to get out of hand as otherwise, it could end up having a huge negative impact on your business.

Steps you can take 

There are a number of steps that you can take in order to deal with nuisance callers. By doing this, you can save yourself and your staff a lot of time and frustration and you can ensure that landline and mobile lines are free and available for you and your customers to use. One of the things you can do is use a phone number lookup service to see who has been making the calls, as often they come up as private. With this type of facility, even private and cell phone numbers can be traced so you know who has been making the calls.

The next thing you should do is to advise the caller that you do not wish to receive calls from them and never agreed to them ringing you. If you ask them to remove your business details from their database, this is exactly what they should do. If you then find that they continue to call you, there is further action that you can take. The Federal Complaints Commission has started coming down very hard on these nuisance callers both for consumers and businesses. They are therefore able to deal with complaints relating to the callers failing to cease contact after you have asked them to do so. It is important that you and your employees try to make a note of when and how often the nuisance caller gets in touch, as you can put all of these details into your complaint letter to the FCC. This will then give them more to go on in order to get your complaint dealt with.

When you consider how many calls the average business takes that come from cold callers and nuisance callers, you can see just how much time per day can be lost. For businesses, time is money so spending unnecessary time and resources on fending off nuisance callers is something that most companies can do without. Taking the steps outlined above is one way to deal with the problem.

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