New Openings

By bogotapost December 22, 2014

Monkey-ing around and Wednesday Speakeasy

The end of the year heralds in the opening of a couple of new drinking spots in Bogota – where better to drink away the misery, if you hate Christmas like our contributor on page 10, or even to party and celebrate the festive period?

The Monkey House, a British pub and Bogota institution, opened the doors to its new bar in picturesque Usaquen earlier this month, and Gringo Tuesdays had a baby sister with the inauguration of the Wednesday Speakeasy in El Candelario.

The Bogota Post went to both openings and can report that the Monkey House’s new venue makes it a perfect spot for a pitstop on a Sunday stroll through Usaquen, or to stumble into as part of a Saturday night pub crawl. The opening saw a showcase of their food and beer selection through a walk-around ́tour ́of England and the local cuisine.

The creators of Gringo Tuesdays also made the move into an extra venue, with El Candelario in La Candelaria providing a more spacious spot for the hordes of people who always pack out La Villa for the Tuesday event- as well as added convenience for those who live in the centre of the city. An advantage of the new location is that El Candelario offers food until 10pm.

So with two new places to try out, there’s no excuse for just sitting at home stuffing your face with food this festive season. If it’s your new year ́s resolution to finally dust off those long-forgotten French skills, or try some new food and enjoy a wide selection of international beer, these venues could be for you.

By Charlotte Ryan