Viva Air Labs launches contest to reignite the aviation sector in its battle against COVID-19

By Trent Ranger April 8, 2020

Viva Air is looking to accelerate ideas that could reignite the aviation sector as the industry faces its toughest challenge in modern history.

The Colombian airline, through its Viva Air Labs innovation laboratory, is challenging innovators and entrepreneurs to formulate solutions to the issues facing airlines worldwide with the spread of COVID-19. 

The winning proposal, aimed at incentivizing travelers to fly again, will receive a $10,000 USD prize.

Said Clyde Hutchinson, Founder of Viva Air Labs, “At Viva Air Labs, we have always had a policy of openness, where every idea counts and is valued. Furthermore, we are committed to innovation and the development of strategies that benefit both travelers and the industry in general.”

“We want to continue developing initiatives that challenge entrepreneurs, enterprises, and other members of the ecosystem, and bring benefits to the aviation sector, and to tourism. That’s why we have launched a challenge to all sources of ideas to bring our passengers the liberty of travel.”

COVID-19, otherwise known as the coronavirus, has had a devastating impact on the air travel industry across the globe. On March 5th the International Air Transport Association estimated that worldwide the aviation sector could lose between $63 to 113 billion USD in revenue due to the reduction in passengers.

Several major airlines worldwide have resorted to drastic measures to curb the COVID-19 outbreak and to maintain operation and cash flow amidst economic uncertainty. 

American Airlines reduced their scheduled domestic flights by 60–70% in April. United Airlines is similarly making reductions to domestic and international flight schedules while securing $2 billion USD in loans to secure their cash reserves.

Viva Air is the only airline in Latin America with an innovation laboratory dedicated to finding new solutions for the aviation industry. With their contest, they’re looking to revitalize the sector while maintaining the safety of passengers and staff. 

For those interested in participating, the contest is open until April 16th. Proposals can be sent by video or in writing to [email protected].

The $10,000 USD prize will be awarded to the entrant upon the successful implementation of the concept in Colombia, Peru, Miami or destination where Viva Air flies. Proposals can be accepted from anywhere in the world.

Complete details are as follows:

Terms and conditions for those who wish to join and participate in the initiative #VolveremosAVolar:

  • Viva Air Labs will accept proposals from anywhere in the world that can be implemented in Colombia, Peru, and/or Miami (destinations where Viva Air flies)
  • Individuals, businesses, research institutes and nonprofit organizations may participate.
  • Participants may submit multiple proposals.
  • The prize will only be paid upon successful implementation of the submitted concept, under conditions such as: 
    • Low cost
    • Easy execution in a short time frame
    • Realistic
    • Practical
  • The proposal is timely and cost effective.
  • The prize can be divided by Viva Air in equal parts if multiple concepts and ideas submitted are implemented successfully as part of this project.
  • If the same concept is presented by more than one participant, the most comprehensive and complete proposal will be recognized.
  • People who work at Viva Air may also participate.