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By bogotapost October 17, 2016
Con amigas así

Con amigas así

Con amigas así

Presenting a twisted and at once comic view of friendship, Con amigas así will have viewers reflecting on human relationships and the continued prevalence of machismo even amongst women in our society.

Four friends get together to celebrate one of their birthdays in a world of black humour that reveals deep resentment in friendships that initially seem so close. Paola, a troubled psychiatrist, pregnant Angélica, the prudent and happily-married Camila and the fun friend Isabel conflict over themes including children, age and personal traumas – bringing up envy, cynicism and bitterness.

This intimate and realistic insight into hidden feelings and the fragility of friendship brings to light the difficult role of women in the modern world and the explosive nature of close relationships.

Casa E, Carrera 24 #41-69. Thursdays to Saturdays at 8pm. Until November 5. Tickets $38,500.

El vuelo de Ana

This monologue tells the story of a woman who has taken refuge from a damaging relationship in her dressmaking workshop. Her daily work keeps her from focusing on the painful experiences that life has thrown at her, in a play that pays homage to all the brave women that influence our world.

La Casa del Teatro Nacional, Carrera 20 #37-54. Thursdays to Saturdays at 7pm. Until October 29. Tickets $21,500.

Ascuas y azufre

Using humour to take on corruption in the justice system, this play sees the return to the stage of famed actor Jorge Plata. A crooked lawyer and an equally dishonest prosecutor get involved in a battle of wits, handled with plenty of cynicism and satire.

Teatro Libre Sede Centro, Calle 12b #2-44. Thursdays to Saturdays at 7.30pm. Until October 29. Tickets $33,000.